Friday Finds #50 Names and Sheet Music



I just printed out Julie Knerr’s 20-Ways to Practice for a Recital to use with my students in the two weeks leading up to their recital. I printed the list page on one side and then printed the 25-check boxes image on the other side of the page.



One of my favorite hymns is It is Well with My Soul. I downloaded the studio license. It’s already loaded into my ForScore app ready to play on Sunday.



A fun way to teach ledger lines.



I feel like I don’t hear a lot about these beautiful, colorful books so it was nice to see someone post “Why I Love the  Dozen a Day Series.



Practice has a lot of lovely sheet music. I especially loved The Colorful Kite (Lydian mode!), Spooky Town, and Candle in the Night.



Last week I shared a post on mind-mapping then only a day or so later came across another!



As soon as I saw this awesome tip, I subsequently marched out to my kitchen and did the same. I’m all about cleaning things up.



Now I can sleep at night.



I love Canva. If you’re unfamiliar, Rosemarie has made a nice video tutorial for teachers!



I LOVE this. The Deeper Reason Why We Can’t Remember People’s NamesI literally have a note on my phone I keep that has people’s names on it. As soon as I meet someone new, I write their name down. I believe this is so important. I recall a professor in college telling us one good way to remember a person’s name is to repeat their name multiple times in the conversation. “Hey, Barb, so nice to meet you…..So Barb, how long have you been teaching?…I hope I get a chance to chat with you again someday, Barb….Have a good day, Barb….etc.” (obviously without it sounding intentional and obnoxious). Do you have any tricks?




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