Friday Finds #45 Best Piano Solos



Some great examples of tough emails we sometimes have to write when students aren’t practicing from Teach Piano Today.



The story of how one teacher went from stressed-out teacher to successful studio owner.


Do you have the phrase “What shall we do next?” in your teaching vocabulary?



One of my all-time favorite books to play from is Phillip Keveren’s Best Piano Solo’s. Classics from Sting, Richard Marx, Frank Sinatra and more. A couple of students of mine love soft-rock, Journey, you name it, so I pulled this book out for both of them and they were stoked! (Can I even use that word anymore?!)

P.S. I’m headed to a Journey concert at the end of March and can’t wait!



It never crossed my mind to boil a whole orange and puree it for a muffin batter. These are hands down the moistest, tastiest, and nutritious-to-boot muffins I’ve every had. Unfortunately, I’ve had the recipe bookmarked for months if not years and now I regret not making it sooner!



Yep, Brandy was a staple in my high school CD collection too. Anyone else?


Be sure and check back in next week starting on Wednesday as I’ll be hosting 5-days of giveaways leading up to the one-year anniversary of Piano Pantry.

Since March literally “blew” itself in right before our eyes (at least here in Indiana), I’ll be jumping in the car exactly two weeks from now to make the 9-hour drive to the MTNA conference in Baltimore. Let me know if you’re interested in joining me for dinner on Monday evening!

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