Friday Finds #37 For a New Year

Congratulations to Kristen Rendall, winner of December’s Piano Safari giveaway!

Here are a few fun stats as we wrap up our last episode of Friday Finds for the year.

Since Piano Pantry’s kick-off in March of 2016, I’ve shared 293 finds, and received 53 comments on 36 Friday Finds posts for 2016.

Can I tell you something? I LOVE it when you comment – even if it’s a short one! As a blogger, you can see the stats, but the numbers are just that – numbers. It’s getting a chance to read the words and thoughts of you, my readers and getting to interact with you that makes it so much more fun, so keep it up in 2017!

You would think after sharing 293 things I would be completely out, but quite the contrary. Absorbing content is something I love doing and I promise to only ever share finds that I feel are completely worth your time to check out.

Here’s what’s on my mind as we take a turn into the new year:

1 – Gratitude

Take 6 minutes to watch this beautiful video on gratitude I came across on I promise you won’t regret it.


2 – stop Upholding Busyness

Why is being busy so valued and upheld in today’s society? Ok, so you’re busier than me – fine. We’re all busy – get over it! As NPR’s Tracy Wahl says: 

Instead of saying “I worked 12 hours…” what if we had to say, “I ignored my health and sanity and instead chose to sacrifice myself to my company.” That doesn’t sound nearly as good, right?

Stop Touting the Crazy Hours You Work – It Helps No One.


3 – New Years Resolutions

18 New Year’s Resolutions You Won’t Regret Making.

10 Kitchen Resolutions for a Happy, Delicious Year. #1, 4, 9 are my big ones for this year.


4 – Set Goals and  Organize Yourself

I was inspired by Michael Hyatt’s post last year: How Evernote can Help You Achieve Your Goals. Check out his article and my new post on using Evernote to organize yourself as an Independent Music Teacher.


5 – Unleashing Creativity With Routine

James Clear has a free download called Mastering Creativity that I’ve had on my “read later” tag on Evernote for awhile. Over the holidays, my eyes finally found it, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s about more than just creativity. It’s about goal-setting, and sticking with routines to help free up your creativity. As a blogger especially, this short e-book is a must-read as you come into the new year.


6 – Enlist Outside Help

To inspire and motivate me to enact a stronger routine, I’ve already purchased and have started reading Hal Elrod’s famous book “The Miracle Morning.”



7 – Try Something New 

My hubby got me Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads cookbook/manual for Christmas. I’m looking forward to delving into the world of bread-making a little more seriously while incorporating healthy grains into our diet. Does anyone happen to have this book?


8 – Top Photos of 2016

Earlier this month in a Friday Finds I shared the 100 Most Influential Photos of all Time. More specific to this year, Check out the Top 25 News Photos of 2016.



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