Friday Finds #36 Chordtown Christmas and a Virtual Piano



The Plucky Pianista has a new website and it’s purty. I would totally use my name for my website too if it weren’t already taken by a James Beard award-winning chef!



The type of post few piano teachers and/or bloggers write. Thank you Rosemarie.



These Colgate Wisp’s are great to keep in your purse, or in the console or glove-box of the car for a quick mouth refresher!



My discovery is a little late for this year but I’m now looking forward to next Christmas as I’ll have both Anne Crosby Gaudet’s Chord Town Christmas and Irina Gorin’s new Christmas Collection that goes along with Tales of a Musical Journey.



Anything to reduce food waste – way to go Denmark.



Many of you may be starting new students in January. I want to sit down and hash out even more, my interview process. I’m pretty happy overall with what I do, but Nicola and Diane both have great posts I’m going to use to spruce up my process a bit and get it down in writing in more detail.

How to Plan a New Student Interview

10 Tips for Interviewing a Prospective Student



A Kick-starter for a device that will turn any surface into a virtual keyboard or piano? Practice excuses gone forever!



I love Noosa Yogurt, but extra-hot yogurt? Raspberry habanero or blackberry serrano – I’ll pass. Has anyone tried it?



Turkish March with a little (just a little) flair.


Eh, not bad…she probably only practiced like 30 minutes a day 4 days a week to get there, right? Totally…


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  • “…she probably only practiced like 30 minutes a day 4 days as week to get there, right? Totally…”
    LOL! I love when students ask when they’ll get to play “fill-in-the-blank,” and I just think, “When you practice!”

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