Friday Finds #34 Bubble Wrap Voicing and Triscuits


Brought to you by “Amy’s lunch on Tuesday.”

My intrigue with the limited edition Pumpkin Spice Triscuit was rewarded when I found they were quite tasty! They have just the right amount of seasoning, and while they held their own all alone, they would be awesome with a cranberry cheese ball or some sharp cheddar. Well, everything goes with sharp cheddar in my opinion!

This recommendation is of my accord. Triscuits is not paying me to proclaim their goodness.



Creative practice trackers. The piano key layout is a nice touch too.



Bubble wrap to teach voicing – brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, Christopher Fisher!



While I believe in letting students “take a break” over the holidays if they want, encouraging holiday practice by having students get autographs from those for whom they performed is a fun idea. Even if they don’t “practice,” keeping them playing is the most important thing, and our students can never get enough performance opportunities.



pe-2-pedal-extenderThe PE-2 Pedal Extender from DPH Music Arts is put to a lot of work in my studio. I would buy it over and over again.

They are having a Thanksgiving Promotion -20% off until 11/27/2016.  Order online at  to get the discount.



I use Leila’s Get Inspired series on her 88 Piano Keys blog for one of my music lab time activities. I love the idea of taking inspiration from the What Music Means to Me lab/book and having students write a card to their parents for Christmas on what music means to them. I’m going to do this in December – have students decorate a card and write a letter expressing not only what music means to them, but thanking parents for supporting them in piano lessons. Then, I’m going to hand-mail the cards to the parents!



These Polar Ice Plastic Jello Shot Cups have been perfect for packing lunch.

Whether it’s a tablespoon of peanut butter to accompany a banana or apple or salad dressing to top my greens, they’ve been handy to have on hand.



I too have an imaginary Thanksgiving menu.


Let me leave you with some Thanksgiving musical jokes I came across in the November 2016 edition of Piano Explorer Magazine. (I had intended to tell these jokes to my kiddos during group class this week but completely forgot so you get them now 🙂

What kind of music did Pilgrim teenagers like? Plymouth Rock
What key do composers never write music in? Tur-key


Happy (day after) Thanksgiving to you and your family!



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  • Amy, I saved so many of these ideas into Evernote today!

    I saw #3 on Teach Piano Today & thought it would be great to give my students right before the break. Who doesn’t love getting autographs?

    Thanks for sharing your finds each week. I look forward to seeing what you will be sharing each time I get the update!

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