Friday Finds #33 Lego Mania



I first became aware of The Alexander Technique in my undergraduate days. Most of what I remember is laying on the floor in the practice room. While I appreciated it and understood its importance, as time went on, it got left behind in my day-to-day life. Thanks, to Joy Morin for reminding us of why it’s useful and valuable for piano teachers.



I’ve been checking out the podcast The Entrepreneurial Musician with Andrew Hitz. While I don’t foresee listening on a regular basis, he did have a few past podcasts I enjoyed and thought you might as well including one with motivational speaker and entrepreneur Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, one with David Cutler of the Savvy Musician, and for all you entrepreneurs and bloggers 1,000 True Fans



Do you need to travel a long distance to get home for the holidays? Enter this giveaway on Real Girls Kitchen to be one of 10 people who win a trip home.



I’m sure all of you are mourning with me the tragic loss of Jon Schmidt’s daughter. (He’s a member of the Piano Guys). Heartbreaking…



An Ode to Joy piano ensemble for multiple levels.



Awesome! A full-size grand piano made out of lego’s, and it’s not just a toy!



It may not be full-sized, but you CAN get a small Grand Piano lego set for $8 on Amazon. This would be fun to give away as a prized for a studio challenge.
Nanoblock Grand Piano – Black



One of my favorite websites to find good/unique eats when we’re traveling is Founders Michael and Jane Stern have donated their collection to the Smithsonian. 



Last night I made this beautiful Date, Feta, and Red Cabbage Salad from Smitten Kitchen. It would be a lovely addition to your holiday table. The dates give just the tiniest hint of sweetness and a small pinch of red pepper flakes balances out the tang of the feta and vinegar. It’s a keeper in my book.


Grocery shopping for Thanksgiving is on my to-do list for this weekend. If you need some ideas check out Amy’s Holiday Favorites posted just last week. 


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I look forward to helping you as busy teachers see what’s worth checking out and promise to try and keep it under 10 items each week!

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