Friday Finds #29 Diane Hidy and Solfege Cards



Peek-a-boo windows worked peek-a-boowonders for this guy who was struggling to memorize. I encouraged him to peek at each section then play it by memory, peek-n-play, peek-n-play and “poof” the next week it was memorized! Hmm…there must be something to this, Diane Hidy! 🙂



My Feedly was feeding Diane’s old site into my RSS reader so I just caught a lot of her posts from the last couple of months. I just decided I’m going to call this Diane Hidy week here on Friday Finds! Some favorites, new and old.

10 Tips for Interviewing a Prospective Student.

How I Create My Studio Calendar.

Colorful Memorization

10 Tips for Teaching Teens

I’m a sucker for any kind of “favorite things” posts like her Holiday Wish List 2015.



Prima Music – my favorite online music retailer, has acquired Music Treasures. Wow, lots of acquisitions and mergers going on this year. First, it was Keys to Imagination with Music Educators Marketplace which I announced in another Friday Finds and now this. Who’s next?



I just now caught a podcast on A Musical Life with Hugh Sung where he interviewed Dacia Clay, host of my new favorite podcast, Classical Classroom. I told you about my new listening addiction a couple of months ago and thanks to a reader for sharing all her favorite episode suggestions!



We’re totally loving this Healthy Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake.



solfege-cardsWith my choral teacher past, I am all about solfege in my studio. Music Mind Games’ Do-Re-Mi Cards are perfect. I love the simplicity of their look. The pack comes with 5 sets of Do to Do. If you use them for group classes, there have been times I wish I had 6 so you may consider purchasing two sets. In this photo, I was working with a student on learning the 12-bar blues from Piano Safari Book 2. She’s a singer so we were singing the root as we played and improvised.



Why is baking soda such a good cleaner?



Last month our town was crazy with our annual Street Fair. Everyone was raving on Facebook about Bubble Tea so I gave it a shot. Hmm…I can’t say it did anything for me – the little jelly balls in the bottom of the cup coming up through my thick straw – I think it was a texture thing. Count me out next time. If you want to make it at home, though, here’s a recipe.

Have you had bubble tea? I’m curious what you think of it…let me know!


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  • I love bubble tea, or boba tea, as we usually call it, but of course you might guess that from my last name (bubble tea is originates in Taiwan). The “boba” are actually tapioca, not jelly.

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