Friday Finds #28 Music out of the Unexpected

This past weekend I attended our Indiana MTA State Conference at Goshen College. I love our state association! With a membership of around 300, we have great attendance at our conference  – around 20-25%. We are small but mighty. Everyone knows everyone, and we have great camaraderie!

I was excited to share the best of our state with Ohio MTA member and friend Joy Morin of Color in My Piano and fellow Indiana MTA member Daniel Patterson of Grow Your Music Studio.

Joy Daniel Amy

Being a part of a state association is important in part because it connects you with those in closest proximity. We’re often so used to engaging with others online we forget to be where we are with colleagues nearest us.

Anyhoo…on to this week’s picks!



Music made out of something unexpected. Incredible. Marshall Daniels plays the handpan.



I just found out canned pumpkin isn’t pumpkin at all and my whole life is a lie.



Take care of those knives – they’re the workhorses of your kitchen! This is what a dishwasher actually does to your knife. It only takes seconds to wash them by hand!



Add a little laughter to your life by following the Musical Humor Facebook page. One of my parents tagged me in a video and said this was how they felt trying to help their child practice. Too funny! It got me thinking that maybe I should consider offering a class for parents that might be interested in learning a little bit about music, mostly to not feel lost with their student’s studies!

I wonder, has anyone else ever done anything like this?


About Friday Finds

Each Friday on this blog, I share some of my favorite finds from the past week. You’ll find anything from directly piano-related resources, articles, podcasts, and music, to recipes, world-happenings, fun finds and more.

I look forward to helping you as busy teachers see what’s worth checking out and promise to try and keep it under 10 items each week!

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  • I think a blog to help parents help their children practice is a great idea. When my son took Suzuki violin, the teacher offered a lot of help to me, the parent–and I’m already a music teacher! It sure was helpful though. I’ve read ideas from various blogs, too, but the average parent probably needs at least one or two new ideas to try each week.

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