Friday Finds #270



Registration is now open for the two-day workshop Organize Your Life With Notion (Amy Chaplin & Joy Morin)



This a delightfully light and flavorful egg salad recipe for you to try this week. I love the swap of avocado and cottage cheese for what would traditionally be mayonnaise, and the small amount of corn and dried tomatoes gave it a nice twist!

My husband and I, though, have to eat our egg salad on some good sturdy wheat crackers. The lettuce bed doesn’t bring joy to our palette. 🙂



Do you need new luggage before traveling to the Music Teachers National Conference in Atalanta? (Or before taking any vacations this year?)

Leila posted a fun little life post sharing her new favorite travel bags.



Speaking of the 2024 MTNA Conference in Atlanta, here are three ways we might be able to catch each other and say hello!



Is My Toddler a Stochastic Parrot? (The New Yorker)

The world is racing to develop ever more sophisticated large language models while a small language model unfurls itself in my home.



Profession-related insurance tip?

If you own a box grater, you might want to invest in a microplane cut-resistant glove.

One good slice on your piano fingers, and you’ll wish you got it when Amy told you to! Ha!



Incidental Music for Piano: 12 Extendable Pieces for the Young Silent-Film Pianist (Joy Morin)



Piano Inspires has a new podcast!




Christina Whitlock, host of the Beyond Measure podcast, represented our profession well when she was recently interviewed on the podcast What’s it Like to Be with Dan Heath. It’s a delightful interview I know you’ll enjoy!



Any James Clear fans out there (author of Atomic Habits)? You might want to listen in on his chat with Maya Shankar on A Slight Change of Plans podcast on “How to Make Habits Stick.



Over Christmas break, we caught up with an old friend, and the 1960s children’s book Tikki Tikki Tembo came into conversation. I had never heard of it, but caught a video on YouTube.



Here are a couple of Lenten-focused playlists on Spotify you might enjoy:


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