Friday Finds #27 The Worlds Oldest Known Melody




Some of my favorite weekend breakfast/brunch foods to make include quiche, muffins, and pancakes. My husband has been on me to buy a waffle maker after our first experience eating Gaufres de Liege styles waffles last December at Taste of Belgium in Cincinnati on a weekend getaway.

If you’ve never had this style waffle it’s like God’s gift to waffles. They’re dense yet light, crispy, amazing on their own with no butter or syrup, and unlike any kind of waffle I’ve ever had. In fact, we both said we will never make traditional Belgium waffles again – this is it.

Waffle IronHere’s my awesome new stovetop waffle maker. It comes apart to preheat faster, doesn’t squeeze down the batter and cleans up like a breeze. If you don’t plan on ever buying a waffle maker, then treat yourself to purchasing a pack of waffles directly from Taste of Belgium just once! Otherwise, find the recipe along with details on what makes these waffles so amazing here*Note, the batter was a little sticky when I separated it into balls so I just tossed a little flour on them at the end and it was fine. 



Listen to the Worlds Oldest Known Melody.



Rhythm, Post-It Notes, Elissa Milne, Motivation, Stickers.



In preparing my first week of group classes, I always choose an ice-breaker game for everyone to get to know each other. Most of the time I just do the rhythm name game where they keep the beat as a group and call out each others names on the next beat, etc. (there are lots of versions of this). This is a bit too hard for younger students to do successfully, so I found a website that has lots of great suggestions for games like this for younger children. My little kiddos loved the name game version of Duck-Duck-goose.



I use John Feierabend’s Move It! Videos often during preschool lessons and early elementary group classes. They’re fantastic and the kids love them. I came across a Move It! activity set to The Imperial March by John Williams. The kids are gonna love this!



Why I Stopped Watching Television News.



Enforcing your no make-up lesson policy means you “Create margin in your life to give to the people who need you…you can only choose how you give it if you have it.” There’s  more where that came from but you’ll have to read Wendy’s article!



The replay for the webinar I announced in last week’s finds is still available for purchase. Lock-In Rhythm and Unlock Creativity.



I’m headed to our Indiana Music Teachers Association State Conference as this post is going up. Two days of being with colleagues and learning together is always so refreshing! I can’t wait to see my friends. If you’re not a part of MTNA it’s easy to join online!


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  • Yum! Those waffles look delicious! We are a waffle family, very tempted to try it out!

    I’ve done a musical version of Duck Duck Goose. Version 1: Have students walk around clapping (or beating on a rhythm instrument) a rhythm representing “duck” and then when they clap a rhythm representing goose that is when they run. Version 2 is with pitch. Duck represents a certain rhythm or pitch and Goose represents another. So fun! They love it! It’s been awhile since I’ve done it so I need to pull that one out of my arsenal again.

  • I bought that waffle maker for my son as he started living in an apartment this year. I thought it seemed “manly” in that he could possibly use it over a grill (and clean-up looked easier than regular waffle-makers). I will definitely share the recipe with him, and try it ourselves!

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