Friday Finds #26 Unlocking Creativity, Unfurling Jolene


Last night a few of my students, parents, husband (yes the goofy one in the back), friends,  and I walked in a parade during our city’s September Street Fair. It’s become an annual event for my studio as a way to not only keep my name in the community but to foster a sense of community within my studio.

I’m going to share a bit more on this in an upcoming post!

But for now……

:  Lesson planning advice from The Curious Piano Teachers.

:  I love this: No one likes sitting alone.

:  America’s Test Kitchen’s former beloved host Christopher Kimball has a new venture. Milk Street will bring recipes of the world to home kitchens making them easier and more accessible. Their bow-tie logo is beautiful, simple, and genius. Perfect in my opinion.  Check out the site or Facebook page.

:  My love of organization is leading me to share Sara’s way of organizing music game folders and my way of organizing student files.

:  Bob’s Red Mill makes great products. However, I always hated that I either have to use chip clips to seal the bags or put their plastic bag into another Ziploc plastic bag. Bob’s is finally introducing resealable bags! Yahoo!

:  I completely missed National Guacamole day last week! Oh, man! One of my all-time favorite foods. Marcela Valladolid’s Game-Winning Guac’ is still my favorite.

:  Pentatonix + Dolly Parton in Jolene. Sweet.

:  A well spelled-out look on the best notation apps. 

: Short, clear, and to the point. That’s how Bradley Sowash writes on his blog and in his column for Clavier Companion. He captured me recently with “Dot Spots”. His partner-in-crime, Leila Viss wrote an article for Music Teachers Helps Blog highlighting an article on Non-Professional Books That Have Made Us Better Teachers. I’m looking forward to checking out their book suggestions.

This dynamic duo (Bradley and Leila that is), have a webinar coming up on Monday you might want to check out. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Click here to register

Rhythm Webinar

*In the spirit of full-disclosure, this is an affiliate link which simply means I will get a small commission off any registrations.  Please know I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it was a great professional development opportunity!


I’m off now to my own piano lesson. Yep, that’s right, I’m still learning and always will be!

Happy Friday!




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