Friday Finds #25 Looney Tunes and Paul Harvey



Looney TunesSan Antonio teacher Karen Lien shared an awesome 1960s Warner
Brothers Looney Tunes video called High Note
. The whole video is cartoon animated music notation! You can also find it on Vimeo here.




The Michigan Music Education Association has a Pinterest account with lots of great music education boards. I was especially interested in following their Music Learning Theory board.



Paul HarveyA good article on the historic Paul Harvey. I always loved listening to him as a kid. I looked and am surprised there isn’t a CD archive of his shows available for purchase. Has had the most incredible radio voice.



Wow. The time dedication this dad takes (4 hours each evening) to draw cartoons on his daughter’s lunch bag is amazing. What incredible creativity. How One Student’s Midday Meal became a Lunchroom Phenom.


The Simultaneous Conversation on Piano Street blog.



I spent Sunday by myself canning pear butter and mowing our 2-acre yard. In that time I was able to catch up on all 10 episodes of Malcolm Gladwell’s new podcast Revolutionist History. My favorite episodes included 03 The Big Man Can’t Shoot (even though I’m not a sports fan!), 04 Carlos Doesn’t Remember, 05 Food Fight, 07 Hallelujah (as in Leonard Cohen’s), and 08 Blame Game.



If you missed this viral video, see two complete strangers join their voices in song in an impromptu performance of “What the World Needs Now is Love.”



I nice short video on taking care of your cast iron cookware. I’m still skeptical about them saying you can use soap for cleaning so I’ll stick with just water.

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  • Ooh! The Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah episode of Revisionist History was amazing! Not only was it a great historical look at the piece, but rather inspirational at how long Cohen worked at it. Though I’ll admit his is still my least favourite version of the song, it has led to so many amazing variations on the piece.

    • I know, right, Rosemarie?! I had no idea that song took so many twists and turns. It’s a perfect example of how success and greatness are achieved through dedication, perseverance, and grit.

  • Amy, Friday Finds is my favorite part of the week. Facebook is so full of negativity, but FF is always fun, informative, positive, interesting, creative, and on and on. Love the lunch bag article today!

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