Friday Finds #240 Best of February

With so much coming at us every single day my dear teacher friends, it has always been my goal that this series offers you a way to “weed through.”

Here’s some of the best of what I’ve come across in recent days both in piano-teacher world and life.

*Edit* I wrote this post a few days before Russian attacked Ukraine. Here is the best of what I’ve followed so far.

Ukraine, A Brief History (It Just Gets Stranger)

The Daily Podcast (The New York Times). Here’s the most recent episode: Ukrainians’ Choice: Fight or Flee?



Something we’re all wondering…

How Will Inflation Affect Your Lesson Rates in 2022 (Janna Carlson | Studio Rocket Web Design)



Slow Cooker Sausage and White Bean Soup (

Who doesn’t like a new and delicious slow cooker recipe? This one has a REALLY flavorful broth and is so easy!



The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill (Podcast)

At my February local book club meeting, a friend confided in the group that she had not been reading much because she had been engrossed in a podcast.

This podcast takes you inside the story of Mars Hill Church in Seattle – from its founding as part of one of the largest church planting movements in American history to its very public dissolution—and the aftermath that followed. 

Thanks to her recommendation, it’s totally had me in its grip this past month. I’m not finished yet, but I’m 70% through and completely in shock at this true story. I think you’ll get addicted as well!



Our Favorite Piano Teaching Websites (Creative Piano Teacher)



A review of the app “PlayScore 2” (Jennifer Foxx | Music Educator Resources)

It’s pretty slick! You can take any score you own, scan it and it will immediately start playing.



The Daily Examen (Emily P Freeman | The Next Right Thing Podcast)



How to Seek out Different Music (Podcast episode)

Most of us teach, perform and listen to Classical music. Many of us also teach pop songs or jazz. But do you ever break outside of these walls? And if you want to teach different types of music, how do you find it?

That’s the question Nicola answers in this episode of the Vibrant Music Teaching Podcast – one of my favorite of her most recent episodes!



What’s the Difference Between East Coast and West Coat Butter?

Don’t worry – even I had no idea there was a difference!



Interested in self-publishing and selling your sheet music? I just recently heard about, owned and operated by Hal Leonard.

This site allows people to sell their arrangements of popular songs, public domain works, and original compositions through the world’s most popular sheet music retailers. Cool!



Bulgarian Cheese, Feta and Egg Toast (The Modern Noona)

Such an easy and delicious recipe to make for lunch!!!



My 15 Biggest Piano Teaching Mistakes (Podcast episode)

In his first solo episode, Ben Kapilow lists 15 piano teaching mistakes he made earlier in his teaching career, which he was inspired to correct as a result of interviewing various piano teaching experts for the last 50+ episodes of the podcast.

Ben has had a brilliant group of guests on his podcast. If you haven’t listened yet, definitely subscribe!



Any Le Creuset fans out there? Well, I’m more of a dreamer. LOL. They have a big sale going on through March 14. Check out!


13 – a new website from Jonathan Roberts.



Tips for Teaching Scales (Chrissy Ricker)


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