Friday Finds #238…for the New Year

It’s only every 7 years (ish) that New Year’s Eve will land on a Friday. We celebrated our “Best of December” Friday Finds before Christmas and I told you it would likely be the last unless I just ended up with some great stuff. Well, here I am with one more batch of goodies as the new year turns over!



If you buy much of anything on Amazon, you know that sometimes the order total does not always end up being the transaction amounts that show up on your form of payment. Multiple items in an order may ship differently and don’t charge to your form of payment until they ship.

This has proven quite tricky for me as we download and categorize all of our transactions into Quicken for budgeting purposes (read more on that here). As we were struggling through the holiday transactions, Drew finally Googled something like “how to quickly find Amazon transaction amounts”.

Lo and behold!!!!

It took a few steps, but here they are:

  1. In Amazon go to > Accounts & Lists in the top right corner
  2. Click on “Account”
  3. Click on “Your Payments”
  4. Click on the “Transactions” tab
  5. Voila!

To make it a little easier, here’s the direct link:

This was a huge life-saver! It’s so much easier to find transaction amounts than searching directly through your order invoices!



Looking for a good laugh? Listen to the “Your Holiday Horror Stories” episode on The Lazy Genius Podcast.

Other recent enjoyable episodes include “A Season to Savor” from the Death, Sex, and Money Podcast, and Special Edition: News Defining 2021 from The Newsworthy Podcast.



Speaking of podcasts…if you didn’t already see the announcement, I’ll be launching The Piano Pantry Podcast in January 2022!



A play on Auld Lang Syne using Hanon’s first pattern in “The Virtuoso Pianist” from the Faber’s.



Chad Twedt doesn’t post often on his site, Cerebroom, but when he does, I always find it thought-provoking and fascinating. Check out: New MyNoise Soundscape: Piano Escape.



Following up from #4, in my opinion, the best way I find to keep track of new content on your favorite sites (especially those that don’t post a lot like Chad’s) is to use an RSS reader. Find out more here: Managing Internet Content the Easy Way.



Joy just launched a new product, it’s a project kit on creating a studio-wide video of The 12 Days of Christmas. The launch promo code expires on January 10.



5 Things to Do Before you Declutter (Becoming Minimalist)



Some New Year-themed jams for your listening pleasure this week.


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