Friday Finds #227: New Things in Piano Teacher World

A few years ago, I started an end-of-year series here on Piano Pantry called  “Piano Teacher World.”

2017 – Piano Teacher World: A Year in Recap: News, Happenings, and Impact.
2018 – Piano Teacher World: A Year in Recap: 2018

The reason it fizzled out was simply that it was hard to roll out a big post like that during such a busy time of year.

After seeing several new things pop up here recently, the start of the new school year felt like another good time of year to do this kind of a post!

Cheers to those bringing us new products, tools, and resources to make our lives easier, and cheers to you, the teachers, who help make creative dreams possible!

P.S. I’m considering things “new” within the past 12 months or so.


1 – Membership Sites and Blogs

Tim has just introduced Top Music Guitar.

In February, Music Teacher’s National Association (MTNA) released a big new Business Resources section on their website.

Rosemarie Penner of The Unfinished Lesson has gone through an update and moved Facebook and Instagram accounts. Be sure and follow her new accounts before the end of August when the old ones close.


2 – Podcasts

Within a week of each other in August 2020, Leila Viss’s Key Ideas podcast and Christina Whitlock’s Beyond Measure Podcast hit the airwaves.

South Shore Piano Podcast with Jonathan Roberts – a podcast that celebrates how the arts are changing lives – launched in March 2021.

Ben Kapilow started the All Keyed Up podcast in April 2021.


3 – Methods

Piano Safari announced their new series for preschoolers. They are holding a webinar on August 13.


4 – Apps

Music Teacher’s Helper has a new owner and CEO.

Tonara is launching a big update soon if it hasn’t already been posted.

In March, Sproutbeat went through a really big update/overhaul combining their worksheets app with the Leap Games online into one location.


5 – Products

Last year, Joy Morin began releasing a few sheet music solos. There are currently three in her shop.

This year I launched two new products: a Happy Birthday by Ear teaching resource and a Sequenced Assignment Series for At-Home Practice with Note Rush.

Preorders are now being taken for Nicola Cantan’s Practice Pie book which is designed for piano parents. At the moment, just the ebook version is available. Hardcopy preorders will be taken starting August 23.


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