Friday Finds #211: A Birthday Celebration Giveaway

As you may already be aware, this month we are celebrating the 5-year birthday of Piano Pantry!

While you can get 15% off your entire purchase in the Piano Pantry shop through the end of March (use the code: BIRTHDAY15 at checkout), I also wanted to use this week’s Friday Finds for a special giveaway. Why this week?

Well, the very first post went live on March 20, 2021 – that’s almost 5 years exactly to the day tomorrow.

The item I’ll be giving away is Kevin Olson’s brilliant book Impressions on Color.

One of my students is working on “Impressions on Blue” – a piece I am absolutely in love with!

See details at the end of the post to enter!



On celebrating student birthdays here on Piano Pantry:

Marketing With Postcards: It’s Not What You Think!

2019-2020 Birthday Postcards

Student Birthday Cards with a Surprise Twist!



This felt letter board would be a fun way to wish Happy Birthday to your students!




Currently, I started using mine to display a “word of the week”. (Follow me on Instagram here.)

(It wasn’t my original idea – but thank you to the teacher I saw doing it on Instagram. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who!)



Would you love for all of your students to be able to play “Happy Birthday” anywhere and at any time? Me too! The newest item in the Piano Pantry shop is the “Happy Birthday By Ear” teaching resource.  It’s also on sale as part of the month-long birthday celebration.



Perhaps one of the most popular people who has done something with the tune “Happy Birthday” in recent years is the late Forrest Kinney. If you’ve never heard of his 88 birthday variations series, check out more here:



Why Every Student Should Know Happy Birthday with Lucinda Mackworth-Young (The Top Cast podcast #110)



A previous Happy-Birthday-themed Friday Finds which includes some special family photos celebrating my baby brother’s birthday!




Entries close Thursday, March 25 @ 11:30 pm EST.

The winner will be announced next week in Friday Finds #212.




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