Friday Finds #183: Weekend Links Junkie

I am a weekend-links junkie.

Saturday mornings are a great time in our house to sit on the couch with a cup of coffee, watch the CBS Morning News (or This Old House), and scroll through content using my favorite content manager: Feedly.

There are several people I have been following for years that do similar weekend roundups that inspired me to start my Friday Finds for teachers. Today, I share those favorites with you.

Be a pal and start your weekend off as a weekend-links junkie so I don’t feel alone. 🙂



Let it Be Sunday | Joy the Baker. This weekend she will hit #275!



Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads. (Joshua Becker | Becoming Minimalist)



Emily P. Freeman, creator of The Next Right Thing podcast has an email list dedicated to her One Last Thing list that comes out every Saturday morning. It includes interesting links for things to “Listen”, “Read”, and “Discover”.



Listening is Difficult (Seth Godin)



Researchers in Australia Record Enormous Breakthroughs in Internet Speeds (The Week)



A 9-part series from Rebekah Maxner on teaching “Heart and Soul.”



This time in Piano Pantry history: Evernote for Gmail: A Review



An excellent resource for free printable staff paper. It’s really cool how it will shift the preview of the staff as you change settings.



9 Lessons Learned from My First Zoom Recital (Amy Chaplin | Piano Pantry)



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