Friday Finds #175

Best-of (and a Giveaway!)

Hello friends and welcome to Friday Finds 175!

Today we are celebrating the best-of-the-best finds from the past 24 posts – from #151 to #174.

As usual, in celebration of a milestone, there will be a giveaway at the end. Woot, woot!

What is it, you ask?

I’ll be giving away 1 copy of “The Sessions” book – you choose which book you would like!

My only rule for myself is that this post would contain no more than 25 of the best items from these past weeks.

In order for an item to make the top 25, it had either to still be quite interesting or something that I absolutely love. It also had to hold value for us both now and in the future. In other words, is the item (fairly) timeless?

I’ve broken them down into a few categories to make it easier to consume.


Online Teaching

Even though most of us won’t be teaching online regularly in the future, it has been (and will continue to be ) a big part of our studio lives.

  1. Helping Special Needs Students Adjust to Online Teaching (Rosemarie Penner | The Unfinished Lesson)
  2. YouTube Channel of Melissa Willis who teaching online full-time. She went gang-busters when this all started sharing activities she does online with students.
  3. Piano Student Care Packages (Rebekah Maxner)
  4. Teaching Piano During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Joy Morin | Color in My Piano)
  5. Jonathan Roberts on Virtual Recitals for Students (Joy Morin | Color in My Piano)


Piano Teaching & Pedagogy


  1. Purchase piano method books for 35% at
  2. Looking to improve your musicianship skills? Check out The Literate Musician Podcast with Andy Mullen for 15-20 minutes of amazing musicianship skill practice – even for “professonals!”
  3. How to Interpret Educational Piano-Music Levels by Carol Matz
  4. 5 Changes for a More Eco-Friendly Music Teaching Studio
  5. Reflecting on Nearly 3 Decades of Teaching: What Has Worked (Laura Lowe | The Piano Studio)
  6. A Simple Technique That Could Help Boost Your Effectiveness With a Struggling Student (Noa Kageyama | The Bulletproof Musician)
  7. This isn’t exactly pedagogy-related, but this Metal Cardholder I’m using for my student photo board was a pretty awesome find.






  1. The Seven-Minute Egg. You won’t want to eat hard-boiled or deviled eggs for a while after trying this delicious and simple preparation of the egg. (Mollie Weizenburg | Saveur)
  2. Almond Butter Toast with Strawberries (A Couple Cooks)
  3. Cookie Butter Muddy Buddies a.k.a. Puppy Chow (Bake Me Some Sugar)
  4. Ground Beef Taco Casserole (The Kitchn)


Food Fun


  1. Do you enjoy the foodie side of this website? Follow me on Instagram
  2. The Best Way to Freeze Bananas for Smoothies and Baking (The Kitchn)
  3. Here is the Correct Way to Serve Grapes (The Kitchn)
  4. The best Cookbook Holder ever – not only does it hold big fat cookbooks, but it has a plastic shield protector as well!




  1. Sync Your Calendar with the Solar System (NY Times)
  2. Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations (James Clear)
  3. How to Steal a Website (Janna Carlson)




Here are some of the top posts from Piano Pantry in these past weeks as well! Some of them I shared on Friday Finds and some I didn’t.

  1. A Simple (and Free) Video Supplement to Support Your Online Teaching (Amy Chaplin | Piano
  2. Save Time and Money Taking Online Payments with Coinhop
  3. 10 Products to Make Your Online Teaching More Comfortable
  4. Email Madness: Three Tips for Managing Your Inbox
  5. Books for Piano Teachers (Including My Top 3 Recommendations)




In celebration of the past 25 weeks of finds, I’m giving away 1 copy of “The Sessions” book – you choose which book you would like!

Only two items are required to enter:

  1. Comment on this blog post:  Which book would you choose if you win?
  2. Follow the Piano Pantry page on Facebook.

If you unlock those two entries you have the opportunity to unlock up to 5 more entry points and they’re really easy!

Enter below.

The window for entries will close at 11:30p.m. (EST) on Thursday, April 23. The winner will be announced in Friday Finds #176 on Friday, April 24.

Good luck and be sure and share this link with a friend!


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