Friday Finds #174

Good Friday

Hello dear friends and happy Good Friday!


Wasn’t it just New Years’ day yesterday? *rapidly shaking head like a wet dog shakes its tail*

Yep, and yet here we are. Before we know it this will all be over and we will be enjoying the shining rays, fireworks, and freedom of Summer (we pray).

But before that…next week we’ll be celebrating Friday  Finds #175 here on Piano Pantry!

Time flies when you’re having fun (or in our current case, time flies even when you’re not having fun).

Our first milestone was the big #100 where I highlighted the top 100 finds. We also celebrated at #150.

Experience has taught me that it’s a lot of work to scour through 50-100 posts to look for the best-of-the-best, so from now on every 25 posts, I’m going to do a “best of” kick-back celebration.

Stay tuned for next week!



35% off method books?! Wow! (



Piano Adventures can be purchased digitally! Find it on Kindle, Google Play, and iBooks. Another option is to use the Piano Adventures Player app and pay $4.99 per level. The grapevine says these don’t include title names, dynamics or fingers though so just FYI). (Credit to Ally Santos who shared this on Piano Teacher Central!)



What I’ve learned from living a socially isolated life for the past two years (Amanda Chicago Lewis | Curbed)



Recently, I’ve rediscovered two childhood loves:  Minesweepers and Nilla Wafers.



An Easter playlist on Spotify made by me, myself, and I.



I’ve been loving having bananas in my freezer at all times lately but they’re a mess to defrost when you freeze them with the skins on. I was just thinking I needed a new way when I came across this: The Best Way to Freeze Bananas for Smoothies and Baking (Kelli Foster | The Kitchen). I did it and it’s true!



Should We Throw Our Piano Policies out the Window Now? (Wendy Stevens | Compose Create)



Alfred Student HymnalOne of my favorite hymn books for piano students:

The Piano Student’s Hymnal





Passion Week Visualized (including an hour-by-hour timeline for Good Friday) (Bible Gateway)



Healthy Snacks for Long Teaching Days (Amy Chaplin | Piano Pantry)




  • Hi Amy,
    Thank you for all the neat ideas you share with us, piano teachers.

    I tried two of the ideas from your last newsletter and they turned out great.

    I ordered some much needed extra copies of piano books from :
    They arrived this morning – I am ready to place another order this afternoon.

    The Piano Care Packages were a great hit.
    Thank You, Amy, for caring and sharing.

    In Harmony, Ethelyn, FWMTA, NCTM, Fort Worth

    • Aw, you’re welcome, Ethelyn! It’s lovely to hear specifics like that. I’m so glad you’ve found some useful items! Best wishes and good luck!

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