Friday Finds #169

Day-Specific Holidays

It’s a new month and a new Friday Finds color! Just for fun, I was looking up what holidays there were in March (beside St. Patrick’s Day). Apparently there’s a lot! Today alone is:

  1. National Day of Unplugging
  2. National Dentist’s Day
  3. National Dress Day
  4. National Oreo Cookie Day (the best one of all, of course!)

No wonder we’re all so stressed. How are we supposed to do anything and celebrate four “national holidays.” LOL.

The last one has me wondering…what’s your favorite kind of Oreo?

Original? Double Stuf? (Yes, it’s spelled with 1 “f”) Mint? White cookie? Holiday? Or maybe you don’t like them at all? Continue the conversation in the comments! (I’ll tell you mine at the end of the post. See if you can guess…




If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that this week I finally put out a sign asking students to go wash their hands before their lesson. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for years but never put it into action. Now seemed appropriate.

Coronavirus and Piano Lessons (Dr. Sally Cathcart | The Curious Piano Teachers)



Many of you may have been following our dear colleague Leila Viss’s journey with her son’s boating accident since Thanksgiving. Not surprisingly, she put her journey to music in a piano solo: Angel 94.



Do you sponsor a child with Compassion, World Vision or perhaps through another agency? Do you know someone who has been a sponsored child? This is a heart-touching story of how a mailman who was formally sponsored through Compassion encourages other sponsors during his day-to-day work life. (Compassion)



We’re still slowly unpacking boxes from the move into our new house. The boxes were in our garage and barn. This week I unpacked all the books and sorted them. This article on minimalism and books is helpful when you have a lot! I’m celebrating the fact that I got rid of five books. It’s a start!

A Book Lover’s Guide to Reading More While Owning Less (M.C. Starbuck | Becoming Minimalist)



7 Things Pro Decorators Say Aren’t Worth Splurging On (Sarah Lyon | The Kitchn)

Yep. Except, what in the heck is #7? Coffee Table Tchotchkes? Never hear of it.



Thanks to a fellow teacher who shared this on Facebook:

Hedgehog Inadvertently Plays A Respectable Measure of Jazz Just By Walking Across the Piano Keys (Laughing Squid)



Micro-Generation Born Between 1977-1983 Given New Name (Jorrie Varney | Sammiches & Psych Meds MockMom)



This week has been an off-week for cooking. Every night I’ve been super tired. Monday was all good – I did manage a healthy soup lunch and an easy casserole for dinner.

Pasta e Ceci (Italian Pasta and Chickpeas) – The New York Times

Marsala Chicken and Mushroom Casserole – Rachel Ray


That’s all for this week! Don’t forget…

What’s your favorite kind of Oreo?

Mine? Double Stuf! Also, Oreos must be accompanied with milk or they’re not worth it! Do you agree?

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