Friday Finds #163

Start the Year with Re-Reads!

Hello friends,

Welcome to another Friday! Is it your favorite day of the week? If not, it has good reason to be – or at least close to it.

What’s not to love about the feeling of another work cycle coming to a close?  A week of (hopefully satisfying) work done, a weekend to come, and the opportunity for a fresh start always looking you in the eye.

My offering to you at the end of this second full week of the year, my fellow teachers, is below. Don’t feel like you have to take in it all, pick a piece of the pie that’s just what you needed for this week whether it’s for your students, or just for you.



Looking for some ensemble music for your students this semester? Check out Lauren’s Ensemble Music Archives. (Lauren Lewandowski | Piano with Lauren)



Get Organized with Piano Repertoire ‘Elements and Outcomes’ sheet. (Rebekah Maxner)



After looking back at the last few years of my reading lists, I’ve realized while I have good intentions of including re-reads in my annual book consumption, it just wasn’t happening. So, this year I determined that the first books I read of the year will be re-reads. Smart, right?! This was a small but perfect habit change. Use what you have first. What was my first choice to re-read?

Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire: Business Sense & Sensibility (Mireille Guiliano). It may be written with the business world working woman as its focus but I found great advice and application as a working woman, period. I love all of her books.

That act drew me to take an inventory of all my books which inspired this post: Books for Piano Teachers Including My Top 3 Recommendations (Amy Chaplin | Piano Pantry)



This would have been a good one to share a few weeks ago but oh, well. It’s still satisfying to look at. Best of 2019: Top 50 Photographs from Around the World. (My Modern Met)



Recognize that you are not the same person you were ten years ago. Your interests, tastes, and life circumstances have changed. Maybe it’s time for you to declutter your attachment to the title “Quilter” because that’s no longer who you are. Decide you’ll keep only those things that support who you are today.

Declutter Your Fantasy Self (Karen Trefzger | No Side Bar)



Looking to do some tidying this month? I purchased these bags to store our outdoor table’s chair cushions in and they were absolutely perfect. Be aware there are two sizes! Lifewit Clothes Storage Bag.




Add a little fun to your calendar. Sync your calendar with the Solar System (The New York Times)



Yep. Fed Up With Fundraisers on Facebook? You’re Not Alone (Tovia Smith | NPR)



The High Cost of Having a Baby in America: The average delivery now costs more than $4,500—even with insurance. (Olga Khazan | The Atlantic)



An easy way to spice up a simple hot dog. Sonoran Hot Dog (Michelle Tam | Nom Nom Paleo).

(Personally I found the wrapping of bacon not to work well because the inside of the bacon doesn’t brown nicely nor does it like to stay “wrapped” while cooking – even when I used toothpicks – so I pulled it off, cooked separately and simply placed one slice of bacon on each hot dog. Much easier.)


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