Friday Finds #153

My piano tuner finally got in this morning to tune my “new” Yamaha C2 grand piano I bought back in August. The word new is in quotes of course because it was manufactured in 1993 – but it looks like new and is new to me!

We got our wires crossed on the day and while I was sitting on the spa chair getting my toes ready for winter boots (a.k.a. a pedicure), he calls.

“Uh-oh,” I tell my pedicurist, “it’s my piano tuner.” I’ll bet he’s at my house waiting on me.

Sure enough…

Luckily, out in the country, we leave our doors unlocked so I told him to just go on in and leave me the bill. I confessed however that I was disappointed I wouldn’t get to talk to him because I wanted to see what he thought of my new piano. Minutes later I got this text:

“I like it already. Very powerful in octaves five and six where we have trouble with most pianos tone quality. Good tone and feel all the way around, nice purchase!”

Yea! My piano tuner approves! LOL.

Hold your tuner dear to your heart.



Reflecting on Nearly 3 Decades of Teaching: What Has Worked (Laura Lowe | The Piano Studio)



My favorite cutting boards: OXO Good Grips 2-Piece Cutting Board Set. Only $19.99 on Amazon.

If you haven’t replaced your cutting boards in several years. Consider doing so – they get so yucky!



After Five Decades of Pushing Bachelors Degrees, U.S. Needs More Trades People (PBS)

Surprise, surprise.



How to Steal a Website (Janna Carlson |

Something we all need to hear.



My favorite furniture polish: The Original Bee’s Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish

Keep a bottle under your kitchen sink and under each bathroom cabinet for easy access to wipe down/clean wood cabinets. Keep an old cotton rag with it so cleaning feels quick and easy!



In France, Elder Care Comes With the Mail: Carriers for La Poste Have a New Job: Checking in on the Aged (The New Yorker)

Hmmm…very interesting!



“What’s the difference between Late Elementary and Early Intermediate? What the heck is Big Note anyway, and why is Easy Piano NOT easy??”

Get this awesome free leveling chart, courtesy of Carol Matz!



Now, THIS is kind of fun! 🙂

4 Kathleen Kelly Looks with 9 Key You’ve Got Mail Wardrobe Pieces (Kelle Hampton)



A great big hearty congratulations go out to Tim Topham as he re-brands to TopMusicCo to reach an even wider musical community!



Good news in the world.

Songs for Kids: A Prescription for Healing (CBS News)



It’s that time of year my freezer was ready to stock with some homemade goodness – chicken stock, that is!

Ina Garten’s is my favorite. Last Saturday our house smelled soooo good!

Frittata with Tuna and Tomatoes (Giada de Laurentiis | Giada’s Feel Good Food)

I never thought about making a frittata with tuna in it! What a nice and different way to get more seafood in your diet! I served an arugula salad on the side tossed in a light mustard vinaigrette and parmesan cheese.

Best Yogurt Parfait Ever (Ree Drummond | Pioneer Woman)

The ladies at my husband’s work always request this when they have a carry-in.

Turkey, Kale, and Brown Rice Soup (Giada de Laurentiis | Giada’s Feel Good Food)

One of my absolute favorites and a great way to get some greens in your diet! Drew likes soups that are less “soupy” and more “stewy” so I doubled the ground turkey and brown rice and it made a nice thick soup.


Tell me, what’s the winning find for you from this week?



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