Friday Finds #140

Here’s my weekly round-up of all good things from around the web one music teacher to another. Up this week: an amazing new course, a fun house-keeping experiment, tacos and more!



Calling all taco lovers – Netflix just released a new series “Taco Chronicles!” (It’s in Spanish with English subtitles.)


A man was swept over the largest waterfall at Niagara Falls, police say. He survived. (Wow!)



Have you been thinking about purchasing an AirTurn Bluetooth pedal? Now is the time! I use the AirTurn PedPRO and absolutely love it. They just announced that due to recent tariffs, the price will be going up as of August 1. Now is the time to buy!



Diver Swims Alongside a Jellyfish That’s as Big as a Human.  (Incredible!)



Tim Topham launched his newest project this past Monday called  Music Teacher Startup.

I seriously wish I had this course three years ago…



Here Are 8 Shelf-Stable Pantry Items to Always Have on Hand



This is kind of a fun little experiment! I sooo would totally try this myself sometime. LOL.

I Kept Up with a 1950s Cleaning Schedule for a Week — And I’m Exhausted Now



Any James Taylor fans? Yo-Yo Ma fans? Then you’ll enjoy this!


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  • Liked the article on 1950s clean house plan. We must remember that mosr women did not work outside the home and had all day to accomplish these daily tasks. Just being able to walj around the house without tripping over stuff and getting meals in the table is a big deal for us today. And remember that dust will keep while you live your life. I just quit sweating the small stuff years ago.

    • For sure! There’s a part of me that would have thrived in that era…I love home-keeping! That being said, it’s absolutely unrealistic for anyone working outside the home to keep up with that kind of housekeeping schedule. I’m lucky if our house gets dusted once a month. (It’s my least favorite task!) LOL.

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