Friday Finds #125



Yamaha’s NoteStar app is closing down on 3/31/2019. Check out details here.



If you’re’ interested in learning more about Music Learning Theory and how to use Marilyn Lowe’s Music Moves for Piano method book series, then you’re in luck! Check out for new courses and a podcast. I met the creator, Krista Jadro when Joy and I attended the GIML Professional Development Course in Boston a couple of years ago (she had way more experience than us at that point!) I know it will be wonderful!

Pre-Registration for the Keyboard Games A course is only available until the end of March and then the price doubles!



While we’re on the topic of MLT, there is a scholarship available through the Gordon Institute for college/university faculty interested in continuing education in MLT. Application deadline is soon.



I heard about an old piano method in one of the sessions I attended at the MTNA Conference this past week. It was written by the daughter-in-law of John Curwen (creator of the Curwen Tonic Sol-Fa) and was called Mrs. Curwen’s Pianoforte Method. After a little more research, I came across this website: I’ve enjoyed browsing the site and learning a little more about her pedagogical approach.



I always carry blindfolds and ear-plugs with me when I travel!


I’ve always wondered this: Are Nutrition Supplements a Waste of Money?



The best place to sit in a concert hall.



New posts on Piano Pantry:

147 Tunes to Harmonize

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Best New Trendy, Healthy Groceries You Should Be Buying in the Frozen Food Section.


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