Friday Finds #120



The photo above is a little blurry because it’s a screenshot from a video I came across on the Check it out!



I’ve been enjoying Ina Garten’s Favorite Love Songs playlist on Spotify this past couple of weeks.



Congratulations to my friend, Joy Morin, on the 10-year blogiversary of! She’s celebrating with sales through the month of February so keep your eye out.



It was also fun seeing Joy’s meet-up with a teacher and a student in Puerto Rico.



More big news in piano-teacher world… Piano Safari has launched a Spanish Edition



The best way to keep guacamoleNow I just have to remember this tip…



The Best Graphic Design Options for Piano Teachers.



I thought this was a great idea for a blog post from Sara Campbell.  “A Thoughtful Answer to FB’s “Very Responsive” Badge”.



Chili Cheese Fritos made it into my grocery cart for the first time this past week, and I am in love. They don’t taste greasy at all like regular Fritos and were a nice crunchy topping for one of my favorite chili recipes: Tex-Mex Corn Chip Chili.



Randall Faber Receives Lifetime Achievement Award in Education from Roland Corporation.



Joy Morin has posted a couple of videos recently that follow up on her Wednesday Words of Wisdom posts.  Here’s the first one.

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