Friday Finds #12 Yo-Yo Ma, Oh My!



MTNA (Music Teacher’s National Association) has a YouTube Channel and is posting replays of their webinars!



Leila’s post on Wynn-Anne Rossi led me to embark on a series of clicks that landed me on J.W. Pepper’s YouTube Channel. They have a set of playlists called “The Inside Voice” with composers such as Rossi, Mark Hayes and more!



Hugh Sung’s interview with Yo-Yo Ma.



How did Joy know that I also have a hard time remembering to take my multivitamin? Her multivitamin dilemma inspired her thoughts On Establishing A Daily Habit [Piano Practice or Otherwise].




I love Michele’s metaphor: “When it comes to bad experiences, we often throw away faith far quicker than anything else…Don’t throw away the Cheeseburgers altogether.” Curious? Confused? Check out Cheeseburgers, the Internet, and Jesus.  



Danish Musician Peter Bastian plays a Bulgarian Folk Song on a McDonald’s drinking straw.



10 Things I Want My Teen Piano Students to Know Before They Quit Lessons.



Anne Lamott on How to Find Time.



How I slowed my family down. Like, to the last century.



A bit of summer flip-flop humor.



Music Awards and Piano Recital Kits for Your Upcoming Recital.



How cool would it be to have a recital on dance styles with more advanced students and hire professional dancing duo to dance to each style?!


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