Friday Finds #116

This is my photo of the week because mostly because it encompasses what I’ve been meditating on these last few days. James is one of my favorite books of the Bible. Plus, since we’re just back to lessons this week, I didn’t take any photos of studio happenings.

If you’re on the Piano Pantry email list and read December’s Secret Letter, then you’ve heard the news that we moved! (Hence no Friday Finds the last two weeks). We’re finally living in the basement (future studio) of our new house while we finish the upstairs. Next week, if I remember, my photo of the week will be my crazy makeshift kitchen!



How to Handle Sentimental Clutter – whether you’re moving or just de-cluttering after the holidays, this is good advice.



WunderKeys now has a Level 1A – this is big news!



One of my students started playing Tum-Balalaika from Faber 3B Performance this week, so we Googled “Balalaika” and came across this amazing video.



SETH GODIN | The thing about arguments…



8 Easy Ways to Create Work-Life Balance (using self-care habits) from piano blogger Rosemarie Penner.



A 7-pound bucket of Nutella. Tempting.



The Best Guide on How to Buy, Care For, or Sell a Piano



A new collaborative project by Jennifer Foxx.



Types of posts that have to stop in 2019. I can’t say I disagree.



A few podcast ideas from one piano teacher to another.


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