Favorite Repertoire Lists on Sheet Music Plus

11/22/2023 Update

Unfortunately with the major website overhaul SheetMusicPlus just went through these lists are not shareable at this time.

I am leaving this blog post up in case that changes in the future with more site improvements and I can update this blog post.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Since the closure of Primo Music in recent years, Sheet Music Plus has become my go-to site for purchasing music online. I’ve always had success finding music on the site and experienced good customer service.

While their discount (5% for two or more copies) is not as good as some sheet music sites like Primo have offered in the past,  I can usually still get a discount either through MTNA or by using my Capital One Shopping Extension on Chrome.

That being said, I don’t worry about that too much because sheet music is a tax write-off for the business, and purchasing music is how we keep our composers paid!

Sheet Music Plus has a feature I didn’t know about in the early days (or at least didn’t start utilizing fully) until recently. That is, you can create your own “music lists.” 

To save a book to a music list or create a new one, hover over ” Save to Music List” below the “Add to Cart” button.

(Be careful – clicking “Save to Music List” will just save the item to your “Default List.” You have to HOVER and then click on the list you want to save it to. Otherwise, you can select “Create New Music List.”)

To find your list on Sheet Music Plus, go to “My Account > Music Lists”


There are three scenarios in which I think using this feature would be useful.

(1) You want to have an easy way to save your favorite books without keeping a repertoire database of some kind.

(2) If you opt to have your studio families purchase books, you could keep a list of all your studio’s frequently used books so you can quickly reference and send links (the same could be done on Amazon as well!)

(3) You want an easy way to share repertoire lists with others (like me!). I honestly keep the lists mostly for my own record, but it’s a nice bonus that sharing the list with you is so easy!

My lists aren’t exhaustive, and I try to update them when possible, but they have a good start.



Amy’s Favorite Supplemental books for Students

Amy’s Favorite Church Music books for Students

Amy’s Favorite Pop/Disney/Video Game Music for Students

Amy’s Favorite Christmas Repertoire for Students

Amy’s Favorite “Classical” Repertoire Books for Students


Feel free to link to some of your repertoire lists on Sheet Music Plus in the comments – I love checkout out books other teachers love!



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