An Exciting Announcement

Almost one month ago exactly, I mentioned in my post on conducting year-end student evaluations meetings with students, that I had a BIG announcement I was making to my studio families during our one-on-one meetings this year.

Of course, many families wanted to take a guess. Most came up with: I was either pregnant, moving, or hiring an assistant.

Do you want to take a guess too before I let you in on the secret?

Can I get a drumroll, please…

Thump…rollllllllllllll…..seriously, how do you make a drumroll in words?

Am I driving you crazy?

Just tell me!


…and the winner is…

I’m movinG (Me and the Studio)!


Well, not yet, but will be sometime in the next 6 – 12 months.


Goodbye Studio 88 Location

I’ve been renting a 490 square ft. office space since the day I opened six years ago, in August 2011.

My entrepreneurial plan was always to start with a good location so I could build the business quickly and develop a name in the community. I hit 45 students in less than two years. The past two years I have only taken on one or two new students per years as my retention has consistently been between 85-90%. Stay tuned for a post on how to calculate student retention for marketing purposes!


New Location

Four years ago (two years into my new studio time), my husband and I decided we were ready to build a home. We’ve been renting a home the whole time I’ve been renting my studio as we didn’t want a mortgage at the same time as studio rent.

It took two years to find land to build on in a good location close to town but still in the country and it took another year to design the house based on the type of property we had. We were supposed to start the summer of 2016 but after some bumps in the road had to delay another year…thus we’re now four years into planning.

The studio will be moved into the basement of our new home. The square footage of the studio space will be about the same as my current studio.

We couldn’t have been more blessed to find land in the location we did. We’re literally just three miles outside of town. Walmart is still convenient for parents to get to during lesson time. 🙂 I printed a map for my students to show the exact location so they could drive by and “snoop” anytime they wanted while it’s being built. 🙂

We’re about ready to start digging the basement (a.k.a. Studio 88) in the next week or so. I hope to share updates as much as possible – we’re super excited! I’ll be more apt to share more pics on social media so be sure and follow me!






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