Evernote: An Independent Music Teacher’s Handbook Part 3: Account Features, Tagging & More! [Video]

I’m back for my third and final installment on how to implement Evernote into your daily life as an independent music teacher.

While I say this is the “final” video in the series, I’m sure there will be much more on Evernote to come here on Piano Pantry as it’s a program for which I’m quite passionate. Can you tell?

This 3-part video series together is less than 40 minutes. If you’re like me, you listen to single podcasts that are longer than that! Most of us likely spend 30-40 minutes each evening watching a show or video to chill out. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of us also spend that much time daily reading blogs or posts on Facebook piano teacher groups.

I can promise that if you give those 30-40 minutes just one day to watch the series, it could potentially change how you handle and organize your studio forever. A strong statement, I know, but I believe it with my whole heart, and well, if you know me, you know that for the most part, I say what I feel!

Check out part ONE on using Evernote to organize your studio.

Check out part TWO a short 3-minute video here on the powerful web clipper.


Part 3: Account Features, Tagging & More!

The following is a breakdown of what you will see in part 3.

A brief explanation of the available desktop client, web client, and app.

How I use Evernote compared to Notepad, Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive.

Features and demonstration of the three account levels and key features I use the most including forwarding emails directly into Evernote, the powerful PDF, and office search functionality, and presentation mode.

Integrated Apps: Skitch, Scannable, Web Clipper, and Penultimate including short iPhone and iPad demonstrations.

Three reasons and a demonstration of why I believe using tags to organize Evernote is better than using individual Notebooks.

Layout options, creating shortcuts, and sequential ordering of notes using symbols, numbers, and letters.



  • Hi Amy, thank you for the Evernote tutorials. I have used Evernote but have used notebooks. If I want to change over to tags – how do I get rid of the ‘notebooks’? In other words- move stuff to just tags?

    • Hi, Lisa. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I would go through one notebook at a time and do a lot of “select all” and add tags to multiple notes at once. Then once you have the notes in each notebook tagged, you will move every note out of its notebook into a one master notebook. Now, all of those notes can be searched in one location but still viewed in separate groups using the tags. I Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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