Evernote: An Independent Music Teacher’s Handbook Part 2: Web Clipper [Video]

Helloooooo, 2017!

There are three times each year that the seasons give me a chance to feel refreshed and invigorated.

  1. The last week of May, after the school year lesson schedule comes to an end, I’m preparing for a lighter summer schedule.
  2. The middle of August, gearing up for Fall lessons to resume (this is the time I feel most refreshed and in order).
  3. NOW. The turn of the year when I have a chance to reflect and re-consider goals, organization, and life in general.

Many of us, during at least one of these three points in the year, realize it’s time to refresh and reorganize our studios.

January is one of my slower months of the year. It’s cold; there are no holidays, conferences, festivals, or recitals.

It’s the perfect time to rethink how you work, including organizing your studio physically and digitally.

Evernote is the perfect program to help independent music teachers in this area. Today, I will walk you through the perfect little tool that will be your best friend on the internet and your mobile device for capturing and organizing life – the Evernote Web-Clipper.



If you missed Part 1 (Studio Organization)

In the first video of the series, I walk you through how I set up and utilize Evernote, specifically in the music studio. Even if you already use Evernote, I would strongly suggest starting with this video. It’s the longest of the series (just under 20 minutes), but it sets the precedence and gives you an overall visual capture of its functionality and possibility for your studio.

Watch Part 1


Evernote Part 2: Web Clipper

Today’s post is a short tutorial on the amazing web clipper and how its functions can work for you daily.

I like to call Evernote my “one-stop organization shop.” It’s the place to save all those things you’re unsure where to save.

Let me reiterate, however,  that Evernote is not a documents folder. It’s not meant to replace Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or Google Drive. Yes, you can save documents, but its function is more than that.

That’s where today’s video comes in. In this video, you will see how to clip and save:

  1. Web pages
  3. Screenshots
  4. Images
  5. PDF
  6. Amazon
  7. YouTube
  8. Email



How to Get Web Clipper

On your Mac or PC, you need to download an extension. You don’t have to do anything on your mobile phone, as installing the app will engage the mobile clipper.

Click here to get the web clipper.


More Web Clipper Resources

:: Evernote YouTube Channel

:: A great short one-minute video by Evernote demonstrating the web clipper.

:: Using the Evernote web clipper on iOS  Mobile

:: Using the Evernote web clipper for Android

Mac users may find this video useful:
:: The Mystery of the Evernote web clipper (button location)



In my next video, I’ll talk you through Evernote’s different account levels and how it’s laid out in a little more detail. I’ll demonstrate its amazing searchability, show you why I believe tags are a better way to organize than notebooks, and walk through a few integrated apps.

Let me know how it’s going and if you have any questions for upcoming posts/videos by commenting below. 

Happy Clipping!


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