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By now many of you are aware that I am a huge Evernote fan. I can’t help it! Nothing else has been able to match this productivity workhorse in regards to the way I work and capture information.

I have been using it for 5 years and every year I continually improve and streamline how I use it on a daily basis not only in my professional life but in my personal life as well. The first time I shared with you how I use it as an independent teacher was in December 2016 in the post/video Evernote: An Independent Music Teacher’s Handbook.

That initial post was followed up with:

Evernote Part 2 [Web Clipper]
Evernote Part 3 [Account Features, Tagging, and More]
Using Evernote for Student Evaluations

I am super excited to announce that in January 2017, after completing a training course, I was accepted into the Evernote Community Leader (ECL) program!

It probably seems odd that I would wait until now make an announcement regarding this, but other things in life kept pushing their way forward.

Being a part of this program was an important step for me because I realized if I was going to tout a tool I love so much, I wanted to be as knowledgeable as possible in order to better help my fellow teachers.

What being an ECL member basically means is that I now have access to great resources from Evernote including branding ability (hence the new logo on my website!) and access to a Facebook group with other ECL members so I can continue learning from others. We were all surprised to recently hear that as of just a day ago, it also means we now have our own referral link!

So, I have put together something special for you with this new link.

If you don’t use Evernote but would like to try it out, or if you already use it and have been considering upgrading your plan, use this link to do so and I will give you free access to a shared folder in Evernote where I have housed several templates I find useful as a teacher. Anytime I add to the shared folder, you will have continual access to my resources!

(You will receive an email within a week of signing up with access to the folder).

Can you imagine me dancing? I am. I totally am. I’ve been really excited to share this with you and hope that I can continue to do all I can to share tips on productivity so we can spend less time on office work and more time with our students!



  • I already have all my files in Microsoft OneNote — and it’s free. But I wonder how the features compare? I guess I should try out Evernote, and see if it would be worth it to try to switch everything over.

    • Hi, Nancy. While I’m a PC user, I’ve never got into using Microsoft OneNote. Not for any particular reason except for the fact that I discovered Evernote and its functionality and variety ability for saving all types of formats of information were better than anything I had used at that time. Since I can’t compare the two myself apples to apples, the best article came across recently comparing similar programs like Evernote and MS OneNote was this one: https://michaelhyatt.com/evernote-alternatives.html I can imagine the work it might take to transfer things over. I would definitely suggest just trying it out for awhile before making a move. If OneNote works for you, that’s great too!

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