Halloween Music Videos Listening Activity

Bring a smile to your student’s faces while introducing them to all kinds of fun “spooky” classical music.

This 4-page guide accompanies the (free) Halloween Videos series published here on Piano Pantry. There are 13 videos and over 60 minutes of listening for you and your students to enjoy!

Use it as part of an in-studio off-bench music lab time, as a digital assignment for individual students, or during group class activities.

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Product Testimonials

My students have really enjoyed listening to the Halloween Lab videos. They were really wowed by the glass harp and the Harry Potter theme piece!!! It was fun to hear the reactions of a 7-year-old boy watching the Harry Potter theme yesterday. He normally gets fidgety watching a video but he absolutely loved it!!! Thank you for choosing a video with a male pianist, too. I’m hoping he’s inspired for years to come.

-Cheryl Leigh Stringfield

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