Christmas by Ear

Students will be encouraged to discern between duple vs. triple meters and major vs. minor tonalities, learn to harmonize using chords, play in a variety of keys, use several accompaniment patterns, and more.

The format encourages the development of audiation, improvisation, and creativity skills by presenting multi-level steps/variations on playing each tune. Each song includes its own checklist so students can use and build on these sheets year after year as their skills progress.

This 34-page download includes:

(1) How to Use This Book – Explanations include details from this post along with a few more in-depth details.

(2) 8 Pieces – Two pages per piece as described above.

(3) Notation Appendix – Lead-sheet style notation of each piece intended as a reference for teachers who are more comfortable notation handy.

(4) BONUS Step-by-Step Teaching Tips – A few more step-by-step teaching tips to help walk you through the process.

For more detailed information and previews, visit this post:
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