Christmas by Ear

Students will be encouraged to discern between duple vs. triple meters and major vs. minor tonalities, learn to harmonize using chords, play in a variety of keys, use several accompaniment patterns, and more.

The format encourages the development of audiation, improvisation, and creativity skills by presenting multi-level steps/variations on playing each tune. Each song includes its own checklist so students can use and build on these sheets year after year as their skills progress.

This 34-page DIGITAL download includes:

(1) How to Use This Book – Explanations include details from this post along with a few more in-depth details.

(2) 8 Pieces – Two pages per piece as described above.

(3) Notation Appendix – Lead-sheet style notation of each piece intended as a reference for teachers who are more comfortable notation handy.

(4) BONUS Step-by-Step Teaching Tips – A few more step-by-step teaching tips to help walk you through the process.

*NOTE: This book is a 34-page DIGITAL DOWNLOAD sold only as a studio license which means teachers can purchase one copy and print it for as many of their students as needed. (It is not sold as a hard-copy book.)

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Product Testimonials

This resource was phenomenal for my teen student who needed to improve their non-reading aural skills. She had a strong grasp of tonic, dominant, and sub dominant chords already but this excellent resource gave her the structure she needed to exercise those skills within familiar tunes. Would love to see more products like this using other ear tunes!! Excellent for students using traditional piano methods as well as music learning theory piano students. Highly recommended and worth every penny. Please make more!

~Sarah Sevedge

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