Consulting Now Available – Get 15% off

Are you looking to make some changes/improvements to your business?

Do you wish you could get some advice and direction for the next step in your growth as a teacher?

Would you like to work side-by-side with another teacher to improve one specific area of your studio?

I love hearing from you and working with you and am now excited to offer a new consulting service!

While I am confident and well-versed in many areas of piano pedagogy and running an independent music studio, topics of particular strength/interest include:

  • Studio business management (communication, payments, policies)
  • Studio marketing and social media
  • Productivity & Organization
  • Email management
  • Building rapport with the current families in your studio
  • Music Learning Theory application for piano
  • Piano methods, materials, and resources
  • Speaking and presenting skills (at a professional level)


What is a Consulting Session like?

(1) Purchase your 45-minute consultation session

(2) I will contact you within 24 hours to set up a time for our online session

(3) Prior to the meeting, I will send you a questionnaire so I have context about your background, teaching experience, and area(s) of inquiry

(4) During the meeting, I will focus the discussion on your area(s) of concern, including personalized advice, observations, and suggested resources

(5) After the meeting, I will send a follow-up email summarizing the ideas and suggested resources discussed during our time together



Is this like coaching?

Kind of but rather than an ongoing, recurring setup, a consulting session is a great way to get a little direction and freshen up an area of your teaching/business without a big financial or time commitment.

Why individual sessions?

Taking the next step or working to improve areas of our teaching and business can feel overwhelming because our profession requires we wear many “hats.”

A single session will allow us to focus our time on one struggle you are having so implementation and growth feel achievable and productive.

Can we do more than one?

Yes, of course! If after the first meeting, you would like to work more together on the topic at hand or address another area of growth, recurring sessions will be made available at request.


Launch Discount

In celebration of the launch of these consulting services (and since it’s Black Friday!), you can get 15% off.

Use code CONSULTLAUNCH15 at checkout.

This offer expires on Saturday, December 4, 2021.

P.S. You simply have to purchase by this date. The consultation session will be booked for a later time.


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