Chris Botti Concert with the Philharmonic


My husband, Drew, and I had a fun night out this weekend as our local Fort Wayne Philharmonic hosted the brilliant jazz trumpeter, Chris Botti (BOH-tee), in their annual Pops Concert.

I’ve only been to a handful of concerts with the F.W. Philharmonic and tonight certainly reminded me of what I’ve been missing.

The concert was packed (if not sold out), but first, of course, we had to start the night out with good food. The bacon-wrapped pork looked better in person than it did in this photo but oh well, it was fantastic, and my cute hubby makes the picture even better. 🙂 OK, I’ll stop the sap.


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If you’ve never seen him live in concert, I would highly recommend catching him on tour. Mr. Botti is quite the entertainer. The quality of musicianship displayed was out-of-this-world.

I found it interesting to know that he studied for a while in his early years at the IU School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana. He’s also worked with world-class musicians such as Frank Sinatra and Sting.

Lee Pearson, drums
Richie Goods, bass
Ben Butler, guitar
Geoffrey Keezer, piano
Sy Smith, vocals
George Komsky, vocals
Caroline Campbell, violin

Each musician had a featured solo. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch clips of them all. It was fun to find out his guitarist Ben Butler, grew up in Australia!

I have to say, watching this concert, I felt the same way I did in the Time for Three concert I attended at MTNA a month ago. I could not stop moving to the music! All these brilliant, incredible displays of artistry made my soul soar.


Violinist Caroline Campbell brought down the house!


Richie Goods, smoking up the bass guitar.


I took five or six clips of Lee Pearson’s drum solo. We both said he was showing off for sure (as he should!) He was INCREDIBLE.

You’ll hear in this video; my husband immediately says, “He just took his coat off while playing!!” He totally did – I JUST missed capturing it on video. 🙁 Sorry!


Here he is playing with a towel over his head. Yeah, I can do that, no problem!


The man’s got some chops.


After Chris came out for his encore, he told the Philharmonic musicians they were dismissed and could “get to the bar early.” You’ll see in the video; some simply stayed put, and others snuck back out to experience the end. I don’t blame them! A final moment of beauty.


Has anyone else ever seen Chris Botti in concert and/or listen to his music?



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