It was great to chat with you today! I hope you found our discussion helpful without being too overwhelming.

On this page, I’ve gathered together some of the resources we discussed. I’ve written about many of these things already and hopefully, these quick links will make your research a little easier.

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About Me

My studio’s website: Studio88Piano.com


Studio 88 on Facebook

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3 Ways to Look at Your Studio Website with Fresh Eyes

Addressing: Who is your website for?  Is it easy to navigate? (Look at it from the view of a prospective client.) Does it look good on mobile?

How to Steal a Website

What’s the difference between stealing inspiration and stealing content? An important read!



Billing and Payment Methods

My Music Staff and Music Teachers Helper

Music teacher software for private music teachers & music schools. Manage your students, scheduling, billing, and much more.

Save Time and Money Taking Online Payments with Coinhop

When compared to things like PayPal and Stripe, Coinhiop is a much cheaper way to collect regular monthly payments from clients.



Lesson Material Organization

Lesson Planning / Student Materials

File Fever: Organizing Student Files

Using horizontal or vertical filing cabinets to student materials that you want to use during lessons such as their next book, a printout, etc.

Evernote: An Independent Music Teacher’s Handbook

A whole series devoted to using Evernote in music lessons for tracking student information like repertoire studied, future material ideas, festival forms, evaluations, and even games.

Lesson Planning: A King-Sized Master Spreadsheet

Simplify your lesson planning by keeping one spreadsheet. This format will allow you to also see a great overview of your student’s lessons and progress from week to week.


Student Assignments

Assignment Sheet Central

A free collection of more than 20 different printable assignment sheets for private or group instruction and for preschool through adult lessons. Store in a 3-ring binder with the most recent sheet on top.


Online lesson assignment management. Includes the ability to attach PDF’s, links, mp3 files, notes to each assignment. Build an online database of regularly-assigned music. Optional points are given to students for completing assignments.

How I Use My Music Staff to Craft and Create Detailed Lesson Notes

A personal workflow of creating lesson notes from piano teacher and blogger Chris Foley.





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