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Hey there! Welcome to Piano Pantry where we talk about piano teaching, loving food, and living life. I'm Amy, my husband Drew and I live in Indiana. My favorite things include Mexican food, reading, organizing, and spending time with those I love.

Sound Recipes:  Barefoot Contessa at Home

The best recipes from Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa at Home that will make you want to have your own copy of this beautiful cookbook.

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Three-In-One: A Review of Little Gems for Piano (and an MLT-Based Application)

How using pieces such as those in Little Gems for Piano by Paula Dreyer can help with three critical areas of teaching in the first few years of lessons.

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Summer Daily Facebook Series:
Productivity Tips

Follow the Piano Pantry Facebook Page for daily tips on leading a more organized life personally and professionally. Brief tips on managing email, Facebook, content, and more will be shared daily.

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A Picture Number is Worth a Thousand Words: Studio Retention-Rate Marketing

Highlight your studio's consistency, customer satisfaction, and brand delivery by calculating and marketing your studio's annual retention rate.

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2017 Studio 88 Spring Recital: The Magical Forest, A Narrative Suite

See the details of a studio collaborative project to use for your next recital. Get a free download to help you plan your Magical Forest Narrative Suite! 

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An Exciting Announcement

I just made a big announcement to my studio families during their evaluation meetings last week. Find out the exciting news! 

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Retreat at Piano Manor

Check out details my friend Joy's 3-day "Retreat at Piano Manor" in August. I'll be joining her as the official "food planner." 

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Digital Photo Organization

One of the trickiest digital items to organize can be photos. Learn how I organize my photos for quick identification and access to even the oldest photos. 

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How One Teacher Uses Evernote to Track Repertoire

Natalie Weber over at Music Matters Blog just shared an in-depth post on how she started using Evernote to track repertoire.  

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