5 Items I Regret Not Investing In Sooner

How many times have you put off purchasing a piece of equipment (whether it was technology, instrument, or office-related) that you knew would be beneficial to either your workflow or teaching?

There are many reasons why we make decisions to purchase (or not purchase), and those reasons are really important in being a smart consumer!

Perhaps most of the time, the decision is based on financial reasons, but oftentimes it’s may not be so much about spending the money as it is the question floating through our minds… is it REALLY necessary? Can I get by?

I’ve had quite a few items over the years that I’ve put off purchasing for all of these same reasons but once I did, I regretted waiting so long. Today I’ll share five of those with you.



Smartphone Tripod

Life is so much easier when you have technology equipment that isn’t finicky!

After using several tripods over the years and jerry-rigging setups using music stands, etc., I finally purchased this iKlip Smartphone Tripod, and wow, is it well-thought-out!

It extends to a nice 24″ height, doubles as a “selfie stick”, has a Bluetooth shutter control remote, and collapses in a nice compact way.



Label Maker

As organized of a person I am, it’s somewhat unfathomable how long it took me to purchase a label maker (especially when I have very mediocre handwriting!).

Of course, now I’m addicted and kick myself for not buying one sooner.

My filing cabinets put it to work the most as that’s where I keep my student files as well as repertoire.

It’s also handy to use for labeling manilla folders for receipts and bills.

I’ve been very happy with this Dymo Letra Tag Label Maker.



High-Quality Microphone

When I first started recording tutorial videos, I got a quick lesson in sound quality. I’ll admit, I definitely deliberated on this one but once I bit the bullet and put the money into the equipment, I don’t regret it at all.

I have a Blue Yeti Microphone and absolutely love it. The sound quality is excellent. Be sure and purchase a pop filter that helps reduce popping or puffing sounds created when we speak plosive consonants such as /p/t/k/ and such.



Large Cutting Mat

If you download a lot of games that require a lot of cutting and trimming, a self-healing cutting mat will come in incredibly handy.

When I first opened my studio, this is one of those items that I waited and waited to purchase.

Unfortunately in the meantime, those early days of my studio were when I was putting in all the work downloading and cutting out games.  By the time I finally decided to buy one, I was pretty well set on all my game-downloading.

Moral of the story: Don’t wait – especially if you are just starting your studio!

Self-Healing Cutting Mat



Professional Laminator

Once again, if you’re big into downloading, printing, and cutting out your own music games, having a heavy-duty laminator is really nice.

I love my Apache laminator and have put it to heavy use over the years.



What items do you wish you would have just bit the bullet on and purchased sooner?

Share in the comments!


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