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2017 GIML Conference and two piano teachers in Chicago

2017 NCKP Conference Highlights

Hey there! Welcome to Piano Pantry where we talk about piano teaching, loving food, and living life. I'm Amy, my husband Drew and I live in Indiana. My favorite things include Mexican food, reading, organizing, and spending time with those I love.

Colors of the Rainbow: A review of REady for Theory

Ready for Theory is a beautiful theory course with clutter-free pages and solid content. Its design easily allows flexibility with any piano method.

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Organizing Piano Games with Evernote

Use Evernote to organize all your piano games for quick and easy access; get tips on tagging and taking screen shots for great visual reference..

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A Picture Number is Worth a Thousand Words: Studio Retention-Rate Marketing

Highlight your studio's consistency, customer satisfaction, and brand delivery by calculating and marketing your studio's annual retention rate.

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The Varsity Musician's Playbook Series

Commitment-building strategies from team sports to the studio. Learn how to build interdependence within your studio for a team atmosphere.

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Top Tools and Resources
Grammarly: Spell-Check on Steroids

One of my top all-around favorite tools helps me improve my communication in every avenue of my personal and professional life.

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Evernote: an Independent Music Teacher's Handbook Series

Learn how Evernote can transform your life through increased productivity and studio organization as an independent music teacher.

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