Recital Preparation Timeline and Checklist

Today, as I was looking over my Recital Preparation Timeline and Checklist, I thought “hey, my readers might find this useful!” So, today I have a free download for you!

It’s that time of year when preparations for my year-end spring recital are in full-force. Here’s what I have accomplished thus far:

1. Found, booked and confirmed location
2. Presented students with several piece options
3. Confirmed the student’s choice piece
4. Determined plans for the second half of the recital

(Each year the first half is everyone playing their solo then following a 10-minute intermission we do something different. Two years ago everyone did a jazzy style piece, last year we did collaborative pieces, and this year we’re doing a studio collaboration on The Musical Forest: A Narrative Suite for Piano by Nancy Lau. I’ll share details after the recital!)

5. Announced recital location and details in my newsletter
6. Organized and assigned roles for the narrative suite

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Photos from a Museum Masterpieces Recital

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post on a recital one of my colleagues was holding using Catherine Rollin’s Museum Masterpieces books.

See the original post here:

7 Hidden Lessons from a Museum Masterpieces Recital

Museum Masterpieces


Today I am passing along the photos from this fun recital. I love seeing the photos of the screen with each image while the student is playing. Most of those photos are on pages 2-6.

View the photos here.

Thanks so much for sharing once again, Marylee!

Studio 88 Spring Recital 2016



This past weekend I held my fifth spring recital. Each year I try to do something a little different. This year the first half featured student solos and the second half collaborative pieces. There were several duets, one-piano six-hands, and two-piano eight-hand pieces. Besides a couple of duets here and there, this is the first time I’ve had all my students collaborate. Continue reading

7 Hidden Lessons from a Museum Masterpieces Recital

A friend and colleague invited me to her recital which is this Sunday, but since my recital is the same day, I am unable to attend. I wish I could, however, as the recital she is hosting is a fun and unique idea. She gave me permission to share with you today.


Museum Masterpieces


I am featuring the four books of Catherine Rollin – Museum Masterpieces.  I heard about them when she conducted a workshop at Taylor University last September.  I knew then and there I was going to do this for the Spring recital.  The kids all chose their piece from the insert of the paintings she included in each book.  I asked them what painting caught their attention and then I played the piece.  They have been loving it!  Some asked to play two, so a few are doing that.

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Studio Awards – Policies and Procedures

Like many teachers, at my studio’s spring recital, I hand out awards to recognize not only student achievements but their commitment to piano year after year. Team sports do it, so can we!




A colleague of mine who has a new and quickly growing studio, recently posted in a Facebook group asking how in the world teachers with large studios kept track of everything – especially when it came to recitals. Well, my friend, this post is for you as I’m about to share not only the various awards that I give from year to year but how I organize and track everything.

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