Friday Finds

Banana’s, Improv, and Teaching Taboo’s


1 – Should You Apply?

A wonderful opportunity to further your career! The Frances Clark Center is currently seeking an Editor-in-Chief/Chief Content Director (EIC) to lead and direct all aspects of its digital and print publication, Clavier Companion.


2 – Do You Let Them In?

Your Kitchen Table by Seth Godin.


3 – Mama Bear

An amusing story of a piano teacher’s experience with moveable do and une mère française.

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Friday Finds

Be Ridiculous for the Sake of Creativity




1 – Blackbean Brownies

When it comes to sweets I can say no to just about anything but brownies or cookies. I rarely make brownies but man, do I love them. I’m looking forward to trying this interesting recipe which uses black beans as a base. Sounds gross, I know, but I have a feeling they’ll be a winning “healthy brownie” recipe.


2 – Willing to be Ridiculous

“…if I want to chase after beauty in this world and make art, I have to maintain my right to be ridiculous.”

Read more.


3 – Ahh!

akimboSeth Godin has a new podcast! Nuf said.




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Friday Finds

Piano Flip Book and Playing for Pleasure


1 – Group Activity

I can’t wait to use this Piano Flip Book activity with my students during their group classes. What a fun way to learn about their instrument!


2 – History of Seasoning Duo

How Did Salt And Pepper Become The Soulmates Of Western Cuisine?


3 – Tech Tips

A Few Simple Tools to Hook Up Your iPad to the TV.


4 – Amateurs Unite

“Educating children for expertise suits the economy. We need the people who do the jobs to be as good as possible at them. But what we lose when we let the ethos of success dominate is the sheer fulfillment of doing things that absorb us even if we’re relatively bad at them.”

Read more from I’m a second-rate pianist – and proud of it.

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Friday Finds

Lots of Good Stuff


1 – Teaching Your Children

Did I Make a Mistake Teaching Piano to My Three Sons?| 88 Piano Keys.


2 – Game Management and Assembly

How I Print, Trim, Laminate, and Assemble Piano Teaching Games | Colourful Keys. I especially like her tips at 10:15 (laminating flimsy sheets), 18:30 (trimming the edge of game boards uniformly), and 19:50 (cheap game pieces)


3 – Updated Method

The 2nd Edition of the Piano Safari method is here! Check out all the new updates here. The items I’m most excited about include:

Book 1
  • The inclusion of Improvisation Pieces to accompany each animal technique (these are currently contained in Animal Adventures as well).
  • Slightly different order of pieces
Book 2
  • Practice and analysis suggestions are added for many of the pieces
  • Portrait orientation (upright) instead of Landscape orientation

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Friday Finds

Umami Chicken and a Bloggers Plea to Google


1 – MLT Explanations

Curious about what Music Learning Theory (MLT) really is? Did you know that “MLT” differs from “music learning theory?” My friend Joy Morin has just posted an eloquently-written article over at explaining just that.


2 – Sad News

Did you hear about this in the news this past week? Simply horrifying! A couple was arrested after their children were found shackledHere’s the kicker. They had 13 children even as old as in their late 20’s. So, so, so, sad.


3 – Music Lesson Notes

How to Make Effective and Efficient Lesson Notes in Google Docs. | 88 Piano Keys.

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Friday Finds

Fascinating MLT Moment and Movements in Rhythm


1 – For White Chocolate Lovers

If you’re a white chocolate lover like me, Cadbury is releasing 371 white chocolate Cadbury eggs this season. The mean part? They’re “hidden” in shipments for “surprises”, you can’t outright buy them buy them unless you buy a case. I’ll pass.


2 – Review of Award-Winning Book

A great review of Paul Sheftel’s “Modules” book which was awarded the 2017 Francis Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award.


3 – Extra Hot and Extra Cold

We’ve experience sub-zero temperatures recently. Meanwhile, in Australia, the roads are melting…

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Inspiration for the 12 Days of Christmas (Day 11):

Eleven Finds for the New Year

Welcome to the first Friday Finds for 2018! This is the 79th Friday Finds since Piano Pantry kicked off in 2016. Yowsuh – that’s a lot of finds! Here’s the very first one if you’re curious.

I’m using the first one as part of the 12 Days of Inspiration series you may have seen going around the piano blogosphere world.

This is day 11 of the series and thus you’ll find 11 great finds for the new year. Links to days 1 – 10 of the series can be found at the end of the post.


1 – Security

It’s important now more than ever to have strong passwords on the internet. A reader recently shared with me a website she uses and really likes for generating passwords by VPN Mentor. Check out this password generator. You can also use a program such as LastPass like I do to generate strong passwords.


2 – Games First

Tracy Selle has a really good idea that I’m going to try for awhile – starting lessons with an activity/game rather than ending with one. This would certainly be a good way to shake things up as you start back to lessons.


3 – MLT book made FREE

GIA Publications has made available a PDF download of Dr. Edwin E. Gordon’s booklet Quick and Easy Introductions. This is the best book out there for getting your feet wet with Music Learning Theory.  

Quick and Easy Introductions by Edwin E. Gordon

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Friday Finds

Christmas Edition

As we enter the beginning of December, it’s time to start gathering ideas for holiday activities for group classes and, if you haven’t already, Christmas or Hanukkah music for students.

For some of my favorite holiday books, see Trusty Christmas Favorites: Repertoire I Return to Year After Year.

There’s a heck of a lot of Christmas activities floating around in piano teacher world – believe me, I’ve tried them all!

To help you weed through the noise, finds this week include activities I’ve included in lesson plans in the past and seem to return to plus a few more goodies.


Christmas rhythm dictation sheets | Pianimation. (They’re harder for students than you may think! Because of that, I don’t do these with my very youngest students. The same goes for the next one.)



Christmas carol rhythm matchups | Pianimation. My older students usually do well with this one.



My eyes are on the beautiful Farm Fresh Christmas Trees sign from for our new house (and studio)!

The Kris Kringle Bed and Breakfast sign from signsofhopear.comis also on my radar!

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