Friday Finds

Spring Food, Spotify, and Staying in Touch


1 – Spring Food

The most incredibly beautiful and Spring-filled spread of food ever. Seriously, who eats like this?


2 – Online Value

Valuing online friends and connections. I couldn’t agree more, Fran.


3 – Spotify Lessons

I’ve had a Spotify account for years. This past year, when I started my Ukulele class, I started using it a lot more. The more I use it, the more I like it. For quite a while now, I’ve had on my to-do list of “non-important and non-time sensitive items,” to spend a little time researching Spotify to make sure I’m utilizing its features. When I finally did, I came across this article which I found useful.


4 – I Love Her

My new favorite artist is Jess Ray. My new favorite song is The Answer to Every Question (Technicolor Jesus). Actually, it’s been my favorite “new” for like 6 months but I just now got around to telling you about it. 🙂

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Friday Finds

Easter Week


1 – Easter-Themed Teaching Aids

Susan Paradis has several Easter-themed worksheets and games on her website. One of my favorites is the Bunny Basics note-naming worksheet.


2 – Tax Tips

My husband and I just wrapped-up and submitted our 2017 taxes. We were later than we like to be (something called building a house yourself might be the cause of that :-). To glean a few extra tips, check out Ed Pearlman’s article on Music Teachers Helper Blog Tax Tips for Musicians.


3 – Holy Week

A visualization of Passion Week.
Holy week prayers.
Maundy Thursday explained.
On the etymology of the word Easter.


4 – Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

I met a teacher at the MTNA Conference who introduced me to her website Piano iPad Apps. This is a great resource site as she has a lot of videos that walk you through apps. Seeing these videos can help you make a decision whether or not certain apps might be for you, especially if they’re ones you have to purchase.

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Friday Finds

One Last Hoorah and an Office Tour


1 – Making it Click and Stick

Teaching scale and key signature patterns with an off-the-bench activity from Natalie Weber at Music Matters Blog


2 – #iwanttoworktheretoo

Experience office envy on this video tour of Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income’s home office.

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Friday Finds

Banana’s, Improv, and Teaching Taboo’s


1 – Should You Apply?

A wonderful opportunity to further your career! The Frances Clark Center is currently seeking an Editor-in-Chief/Chief Content Director (EIC) to lead and direct all aspects of its digital and print publication, Clavier Companion.


2 – Do You Let Them In?

Your Kitchen Table by Seth Godin.


3 – Mama Bear

An amusing story of a piano teacher’s experience with moveable do and une mère française.

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Friday Finds

#MusicTeacherChat and Spicin’ Up the Burg


1 – Spicing Up BurgmĂĽller

New two-piano teaching duets for Burgmüller’s Op. 100!


2 – #MusicTeacherChat

MTNA started a new initiative on Twitter called Music Teacher Monday. I’m not a big Twitter user myself, but if you are, it sounds interesting!


3 – Reality

Kinda personal, but hey, it’s life. The Undergarment Essentials Every Woman Should Own.

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Friday Finds

Be Ridiculous for the Sake of Creativity




1 – Blackbean Brownies

When it comes to sweets I can say no to just about anything but brownies or cookies. I rarely make brownies but man, do I love them. I’m looking forward to trying this interesting recipe which uses black beans as a base. Sounds gross, I know, but I have a feeling they’ll be a winning “healthy brownie” recipe.


2 – Willing to be Ridiculous

“…if I want to chase after beauty in this world and make art, I have to maintain my right to be ridiculous.”

Read more.


3 – Ahh!

akimboSeth Godin has a new podcast! Nuf said.




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Friday Finds

Piano Flip Book and Playing for Pleasure


1 – Group Activity

I can’t wait to use this Piano Flip Book activity with my students during their group classes. What a fun way to learn about their instrument!


2 – History of Seasoning Duo

How Did Salt And Pepper Become The Soulmates Of Western Cuisine?


3 – Tech Tips

A Few Simple Tools to Hook Up Your iPad to the TV.


4 – Amateurs Unite

“Educating children for expertise suits the economy. We need the people who do the jobs to be as good as possible at them. But what we lose when we let the ethos of success dominate is the sheer fulfillment of doing things that absorb us even if we’re relatively bad at them.”

Read more from I’m a second-rate pianist – and proud of it.

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Friday Finds

Lots of Good Stuff


1 – Teaching Your Children

Did I Make a Mistake Teaching Piano to My Three Sons?| 88 Piano Keys.


2 – Game Management and Assembly

How I Print, Trim, Laminate, and Assemble Piano Teaching Games | Colourful Keys. I especially like her tips at 10:15 (laminating flimsy sheets), 18:30 (trimming the edge of game boards uniformly), and 19:50 (cheap game pieces)


3 – Updated Method

The 2nd Edition of the Piano Safari method is here! Check out all the new updates here. The items I’m most excited about include:

Book 1
  • The inclusion of Improvisation Pieces to accompany each animal technique (these are currently contained in Animal Adventures as well).
  • Slightly different order of pieces
Book 2
  • Practice and analysis suggestions are added for many of the pieces
  • Portrait orientation (upright) instead of Landscape orientation

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Friday Finds

Football and Valentines


1 – Podcast

An Eggheads Guide to the Superbowl. Yep, this is is for people like me.


2 – Piano Props

Sports-themed Iwako Erasers. You name it, they make it in a Japanese Eraser. Thank you, Iwako for helping piano teachers make lessons fun.


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Friday Finds

Umami Chicken and a Bloggers Plea to Google


1 – MLT Explanations

Curious about what Music Learning Theory (MLT) really is? Did you know that “MLT” differs from “music learning theory?” My friend Joy Morin has just posted an eloquently-written article over at explaining just that.


2 – Sad News

Did you hear about this in the news this past week? Simply horrifying! A couple was arrested after their children were found shackled. Here’s the kicker. They had 13 children even as old as in their late 20’s. So, so, so, sad.


3 – Music Lesson Notes

How to Make Effective and Efficient Lesson Notes in Google Docs. | 88 Piano Keys.

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