Friday Finds #100 and Giveaway Winner

The day has arrived. Piano Pantry has officially posted 100 weeks of Friday Finds since first launching in March of 2016!

In celebration of this milestone, I posted a giveaway last week featuring an item that was a part of the Friday Find series. Thanks to all who entered to win Note Speed!

The winner (randomly selected by Rafflecopter’s generator) is Lynelle Vogel who commented:

My older kids love to play NinGenius on iPads to work on note names.

Congratulations! I will be contacting to get your shipping details.


Friday Finds Breather

Before we proceed with this top 100 list, I just want to thank you for your excitement and energy over these weekly finds over the past 2+ years. You have been so enthusiastic and encouraging with so many stating it’s the one post/email they’re sure to catch every week.

That being said, I’m going to take a brief hiatus from this weekly post. I promise it will be brief and the series will return as I love writing it as much as you seem to love reading them.

There’s a lot going on in life right now – one of which many of you are aware. My husband and I are in the final stages of building a house (literally). We are (well, mostly he is) doing the majority of it on our own. We’re in the home stretch and I really need to let something go for the time being.

Promise me you’ll jump back in when I pick back up?

Awesome, thanks!


Friday Finds Top 100


I have gone back through every single F.F. post I’ve written to pull the best of the best for you here. With approximately eight finds per week, that’s 800 finds I’ve scoured.

How did I choose? First, anything that was specifically commented on by a reader was included. From there, I simply focused on posts that have affected me the most, have stuck in my memory, made an impact, or that I still use or find fascinating even today.

I’ve broken them down into 11 categories so if you prefer to check out a specific category of items you can jump around.  Enjoy!

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Friday Finds #99 – There’s a Giveaway!

The clock is ticking as we inch closer and closer to Friday Finds #100!

Last week I gave you a heads up that this week’s post would include a giveaway with the winner being announced next week.

What’s up for grabs? You’ll have to read this week’s finds to find out at the bottom of this post!


1 – Wiki Updates

A new entry on collaborative piano has hit Wikipedia. This is great news!


2 – Blitz

Australian teacher Samantha Coates is releasing an interesting new series. Check out her introductory videos for BlitzBooks Rote Repertoire.


3 – Looking Good

I’m a little late in this, but congratulations to Susan Paradis on her newly-designed website! It looks fantastic!


4 – Swallowing Vitamins No More

My daily dose of goodness:

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Friday Finds #98

Last week, I let you know that we’re on a countdown to Friday Finds #100 here on Piano Pantry and that #100 would be a special (and big) one as it would feature my favorites finds from the past 100 weeks.

The big surprise I saved for you this week is that there will be a giveaway as part of our Friday Finds 100th birthday celebration!

Watch out – the giveaway will be posted next week on Friday Finds #99 and the winner announced on Friday Finds #100.



1 – Sandal Heaven

I’m in love. Never, ever in my life have I bought a really good pair of sandals. Dress shoes for daily teaching, yes, but summer sandals, no.

This was the year though. I was tired of not being able to go a whole day in sandals without my feet hurting. I bit the bullet (seriously) and I am in heaven.

The America-made SAS sandal has just enough arch and heel support that my feet feel like they’re walking on air all day. This sapphire color caught my eye immediately. These babies are going to last me awhile (luckily I got them at a local shoe store for 15% off!).


2 – Food Associations

If only piano teaching were as easy as sliced apples.


3 – Tonic Games

After first hearing about this tonic game on Color in My Piano, it’s been on my purchase list. I’ve been trying to only purchase one new studio game item per season – an unspoken policy for myself that has been a great way to utilize what I have and focus on one new item at a time. This past year the new resource I utilized a lot was the TCW Rockin’ Rhythm:

Cover tiny file
look inside
Rockin’ Rhythms
Composed by Laura Zisette, Charlene Shelzi & Kathleen Lloyd. Published by TCW Resources (KJ.TW617).


This summer, I can’t wait to utilize the new games I purchased from Scott at Tonic: The Card & Dice Game for Musicians and Tonic: Theory Edition.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Friday Finds #97


You may have noticed that last week and this week’s Friday Finds posts have been titled by a number. What could that possibly mean?

As you may have suspected, the countdown is on until we reach Friday  Find #100 here on Piano Pantry. Keep an eye out because that week will be a special week which will feature my favorite finds from the past 100 weeks – it’ll be a big one!

Something else special is going to happen as well but I’ll save that announcement for next week just to keep you in suspense. 😉

Thanks for being here week after week. Knowing how much ya’ll love these makes me so happy! (P.S. I’m not from Texas or Oklahoma so “Ya’ll” is not part of my natural vocabulary in real life but sometimes it just seems feels fitting to use so why not?!)


1 – Sweet

Heading to Ethiopia anytime soon? This otherworldy restaurant would be incredible to check out.


2 – Elderflower, Amalfi, Lemon Curd

If you’ve followed any kind of news this past week then you likely know all about the Royal wedding. It seemed appropriate to share their GORGEOUS cake. It was a sponge cake made with lemon drizzled with elderflower syrup and then topped with Amalfi lemon curd. Say whaaattttt….nice.

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Friday Finds #96


1 – Toddler Ear

OK, so I do generally try to avoid items that are typical Facebook share-type items in my Friday Finds, but the first two items in this week’s list are just too good not to share.

From the BBC archives, you wouldn’t believe the massive amount of pieces in which this toddler can identify the composer.


2 – Inspiring Others

Yep, this one made me tear up. Ohio teen born without hands plays the piano. Inspiring.


3 – Cheap Wrapping / Shipping

I’ll admit, sometimes I can be behind the times. Does the fact that I’ve just discovered Kraft Paper for the first time say something about me? :-/

A couple of weeks ago I went bonkers on Piano Teachers Buy Sell Trade U.S. on Facebook. I’ve had a load of books I’ve been wanting to get rid of and finally had an afternoon free. I should have taken photos of my studio floor strewn with piles of books. The best way I found to package them was simply wrapping them in kraft paper!

(I did around 25 sale posts that day and 15 are still available. I think this link will take you to my listings, but I’m not sure and there’s no good way for me to check whether or not it does. Otherwise, you should be able to just search “Amy Chaplin” in the group to see my items for sale. P.S. My prices include shipping. 🙂


4 – Unexpected Phone Protector

A great way to protect your phone while in the kitchen. Too bad I’ll likely never remember to use one!

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Friday Finds

Teaching Tactics and Eye Tracking


1 – Spotify Playlist

Even if I didn’t play music at the beginning of my recital, I would still enjoy Sara’s recital mix playlists on Spotify. There’s a new one posted for 2018!


2 – It’s In the Sauce…or Not

Why yes, there is a difference between pizza sauce and pasta sauce and it’s a simple one.


3 – Teaching Tactics

Add these two to your teaching toolbox: Decorating the Cake: Helping Piano Students Play With Expression and Heart and We’re Not Robots: Helping Young Piano Students Get “Beyond The Notes”

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Friday Finds

Listen to See and Mobile Blindness


1 – 18 for 2018

18 Blogs I follow in 2018 (and they’re not all about music) – from Chris Foley of the Collaborative Piano Blog.


2 – Marrying Music

The  ForScore app and are tools I use on a regular basis. Here’s a tutorial on how you can import sheet music into the ForScore app.


3 – Hefty, Hefty, Hefty

These jumbo ziploc storage bags have been coming in really handy lately for all kinds of things. One way I’ve utilized them recently outside of the kitchen is storing sheet sets in them. So handy!


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Friday Finds

Homemade Yogurt and a 103-Year-Old Pianist


1 – Canva Alternative

Canva has been a major tool for years in both my studio and here on Piano Pantry. Designing social media images is made easy with tools like Canva. I’ve recently been made aware of another one out there called Design Wizard I’m going to be playing with. Does anyone else use Design Wizard? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


2 – Copyright Education

Recently I was reading through a page on copyright FAQs that MTNA has on their website. I would encourage you to read through it, as it’s always good to refresh our minds on copyright laws. They also link to a really fun educational video that would be great to share with students – I’m going to have mine watch it during lab time.

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Friday Finds

A Winning Game and Making for Keeps


1 – April Veggies

Cooking using seasonal produce makes a lot of sense and I would like to say that I do that – I do try, but it’s not always easy. Anyway, this is what’s currently in season. Asparagus, snow peas, and radishes are my favorite Spring veggies.


2 – Winning Game

I finally bit the bullet and bought Note Speed that I’ve been hearing so much about. We played it in this week’s group classes and my students went crazy! Wish I would have bought it sooner.


3 – Annual Studio Challenge

Speaking of note-naming, my students and I are currently working on our One-Minute Club note-naming challenge.

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Friday Finds

Spring Refresh and Kreative Keyboards


1 – Lesson Alternatives

This morning I texted the link to a video lesson I made for a student who couldn’t make their lesson this week. Video and Facetime lessons are great alternatives. Read about my first Facetime lesson experience here. Also, check out this recent post on Colourful Keys on how to teach a Facetime/Skype piano lesson.


2 – Left Hand Fun

Tim’s Ultimate Guide to Left Hand Patterns is a free download you don’t want to miss.


3- Tactile Learning

On Instagram, I recently shared a photo of me teaching the skips alphabet to two sisters using manipulative’s. The cloth staffs have stirred a buzz in other photos I’ve shared on Instagram so I thought I would highlight them here. It’s from the Kreative Keyboard Activities and Games pack. They’re compact – since they’re made of cloth and can be easily folded up, and versatile – as they have the staff on one side and keyboard on the other.


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